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Taxicab Company Owners shall be responsible for registering their taxicabs with the Columbus Police Department and must obtain a registration/inspection permit. The following procedures shall apply:

  • The taxicab company owner shall be responsible for submitting a completed registration application, in a form supplied by the Columbus Police Department, to the Columbus Police Department each year.
  • Taxicab cab company owner's name and address identifying information for each taxicab owned to include make, model, tag, VIN, taxicab company vehicle number, and insurance.
  • Safety certification from a licensed garage approved and recorded with the Columbus Police Department.

After submission of a completed registration application, Columbus Police Department, or its designee, shall inspect interior and exterior of taxicab(s) for cleanliness, body damage, proper identification numbers, proper display of rates of fare, and inspection of the taximeter for accuracy and proper operation. For each taxicab of the taxicab company owner's that pass inspection and the registration application and safety certification are complete, the Columbus Police Department shall issue a registration/inspection permit, valid for one year.

The taxicab company owner shall be responsible for properly installing and displaying the annual Columbus Police Department registration/inspection permit on the left rear bumper area of each taxicab. Permits are not transferable from one taxicab to another. (Ord. No. 04-69 1,8-10-04)

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