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This commission has five (5) members that are appointed by the Columbus Council and consisting of two (2) taxicab owners, one (1) taxicab driver, one (1) representative selected by the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, and one (1) representative selected by the Chief of Police. The members of the commission shall serve for terms of two (2) years and shall be eligible to serve two (2) full terms. The commission shall ensure that taxicab drivers are properly educated as to serving the public and shall ensure that drivers are courteous to citizens, are familiar with the territory of Columbus, Georgia, shall ensure that taxicab company owners and drivers maintain cleanliness and safety of all taxicabs and shall ensure that ordinance provisions including regulations governing taxicabs fees and charges are followed by all taxicab company owners. The commission will also hear appeals from denials or revocation of taxicab permits by the Columbus Police Department. (Columbus Code Section 21-14) (Increased by two members with one member representing the Columbus   Airport and one member representing the hotel/motel industry pursuant to Ordinance No. 99-23)

The Mission of the Taxicab Commission of Columbus, GA is to provide the citizens and visitors of Columbus a safe, comfortable, efficient and affordable taxicab experience in well-equipped vehicles operated by highly qualified individuals who have knowledge of the city streets, boundaries, and tourist destinations.

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