Muscogee County State Court

Judge Prather Civil Dockets

As of April 25, 2016, no cases have been identified as ready for civil jury trial for the May Term, 2016.  If your case is ready, you are invited to place the same on the Ready List Pursuant to Uniform State Court Rule 8.2


Uniform State Court Rule 8.2. Ready list

All actions ready for trial in accordance with O.C.G.A.  9-11-40 shall be placed upon a list of actions ready for final jury trial to be maintained as a "ready list" by the calendar clerk. Ations may be placed on the ready list by: (A)  The assigned judge upon notice to the parties; or, (B)  A party, after the entry of a pre-trial order, upon notice to the other parties. Except for cause, actions shall be placed on the ready list in chronological order in accordance with filing dates, except that actions previously on the ready list shall retain their superior position; however, actions entitled thereto by statute shall be given precedence.



Special Settings:  Special Settings are arranged in accordance with Uniform State Court Rule 8.6

July Term 2016 draft ONLY, not final version

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