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Directions to Public Safety
  1. DO NOT RUN AWAY FROM HOME. If things are impossible at home, speak to your teacher or minister about it. They will help you. If you run away, you will soon be at the mercy of the street people who will push you into drugs, pornography and prostitution. TALK IT OVER WITH A FRIEND WHO CARES; and if you think you have no friends, you will find a crisis center in your town who will reach out to you.
  2. Be careful of offers of friendship from strangers. Because you are lonely and unhappy, do not be misled by signs of affection from strangers.
  3. Do not accept job offers that require you to go to offbeat, lonely areas. Beware of job offers that seem to offer too much pay. Use legitimate channels such as the school placement office for your part-time jobs. Check all references.
  4. Do not accept offers to take your photograph and make you famous. Repeat any such offer at home or to the police.
  5. Do not get into cars with strangers for any reason, or near enough to be grabbed. DO NOT HITCHHIKE.
  6. Travel in groups or with a friend.
  7. Do not go into lonely areas at night.
  8. Do not take dares to do foolish things like going into a bad area alone.
  9. Tell your parents where you are going to be and let them know when things change.
  10. Do not babysit in a home you do not know.
  11. If anybody tries to caress r fondle you in any way TELL.
  12. Report any incident of attempted molestation or it someone is hanging around your school or play areas. Learn to give good descriptions of the person to the police to help in capture.
  13. Remember, it is NOT your fault - so do not be afraid to tell is someone has bothered you.
  14. Do not linger in recreational areas such as bowling alleys, but leave with your friends.
  15. Do not open the door to strangers and do not tell people when you are alone.
  16. Do not accept offers of drink, cigarettes or drugs.