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The Columbus Police Department offers a variety of employment opportunities in non-sworn positions. These include Emergency Communications Technician, Administrative Specialist, Payroll Technician and many more. Only Emergency Communications
Technician (911 Recruit) personnel are employed through the Columbus Police Department's Personnel Unit. Other non-sworn positions are employed through the Consolidated Government's Human Resources Department. Please click on the appropriate button below. For more information about the Emergency Communications Technician position (including information about the typing test) keep reading.

What is the 911 Communications Center?

The 911 Communications Center is a state-of-the-art dispatch facility responsible for all Public Safety Communications in Columbus/Muscogee County. The city utilizes an 800 MHz trunked radio system. The entire city of Columbus uses the system with the bulk of the communications being Public Safety. The system is computer-operated and dispatchers have the ability to talk with virtually every city department. This includes everyone from public safety to traffic light repairmen to street paving crews. In addition, other agencies (including Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, FBI, etc.) have access to the system. Furthermore, the system has been expanded to include communications with some surrounding counties.

How Do I Become an Emergency Communications Technician?

The entry-level position into the 911 Communications Center is Emergency Communications Technician 1. At this time, it is a 12-hour shift with rotating off days. Applicants must be able to type 20 words per minute. After submitting an application, a representative will contact you to schedule a typing test.

When you call to take the typing test, you must have a completed employment application form, original copies of your high school diploma or state equivalency certificate and your birth certificate or verification of naturalization (if applicable). Should you be chosen for employment, you will be required to present a current driver's license and Social Security Card.

For further information, you should contact the 911 Administrative Offices:

Jacy Williams
(706) 653-3221
The call should be made during normal business hours.