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Dear CCG Family:

We are so fortunate to live in a tremendous community.
In Columbus we do big things! Attached is my 2013 State of the
City speech in which I recount all the successes of our past and
set forth a map to reach our future. In this speech, I lay out a
three-pronged approach for how we as a community can grow
and prosper by turning our blighted and economically distressed
areas around. We need your help in getting the word out to the
community that we can go beyond simply ministering to those
in need, we can create communities where they can succeed.
The Journey to our future includes:

Redevelopment Districts - A citywide vote will be held to allow Columbus the opportunity to adopt a bond financing tool that has existed in Georgia since 1985 and which 60 other communities in Georgia enjoy. Columbus lags behind in this effort. We need for the members of your church or organization to understand how this proposal allows private investment to turn blighted areas around thereby creating jobs, reducing crime and improving schools.

New Urban Service Districts - This is a tool Columbus already has, but can modify to reduce tax rates for investment in blighted areas. Again, this type of investment would not come to these economically distressed areas of our community without this favorable tax treatment. Mixed-Use developments of residential, retail shops, and restaurants can take advantage of this tool and bring a new economic vibrancy to areas where currently there is none.

Reform Our Tax System - Through creating a new tax system that protects homeowners with the Property Tax Freeze and creates a new tax system with a significant tax break, we can rid ourselves of inequities and adjust unfair taxes that fall on the shoulders of our young people returning from college, the military families we take such pride in and the type of working middle-income families that built this city. This reformed system will encourage more people to move to Columbus, as opposed to moving beyond our county's borders.

We need your help in the educational effort of this Journey. We certainly want you to have the first-hand information of this effort to improve our community and to help those who need it most find the opportunities their families need.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Click here to read the entire 2013 State of the City Address or watch the video below.


CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE internal auditor

  • Received recertification as a Georgia Certified City of Ethics from Georgia Municipal Association Ethics Certification Committee.
  • Initiated a Building Efficiency Study assessment of the government center, towers and wings.
  • Hosted 2012 Hometown Connection with Georgia Legislative Delegation, Muscogee County School District, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau, Columbus Health Department and other organizations.
  • Hosted 2012 Georgia Risk Management Association’s Annual Meeting held at the Trade Center.
  • Created a pictorial directory of every CCG facility for departmental needs and public safety.
  • Initiated a three day Uptown Parking Survey of the Central Business District.
  • 311 Citizens Service Center processed 195,968 calls resulting in 24,171 work orders.
  • Assisted 21,977 walk-in citizens.
  • Provided free Notary Service to 3,689 citizens. 
  • Government Center tours - 644 students and 25 adults from local high schools, elementary schools, a college and the delegation from China toured the Government Center.

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  • With favorable weather, increased marketing and a close eye on expenditures Bull Creek showed a profit of $130,000 for the year.

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  • Settled Expedia and related litigation for a total of $1.6 million with net recovery to City of $888,368.
  • Drafted Pension Ordinance amendment to reform Pension Plan for Consolidated Government.
  • Drafted documents for operation and management of Chattahoochee River Park.
  • Drafted amendments to alcohol ordinance to promote business development in commercial areas.
  • Drafted resolutions for the 2013 Legislative Agenda for the Georgia General Assembly.
  • Drafted Columbus Charter amendments with Charter Review Commission, which all passed at 2012 referendum.

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  • Restructed Civic Center division to promote employee work efficiency.
  • Supervisor, Ricky Stalling obtained Venue Management certification.
  • Implemented a career ladder for Arena Technicians (Operational Staff)
  • Major agreement renewal with Ticketmaster that included a “sign-on” bonus
  • Began remodeling Box Office area (front and back).
  • Partnered with Davis Broadcasting and created a concert series: Jazz On The River.
  • Greater Columbus Fair numbers (attendance) significantly increased.
  • Offering FREE admission to annual Civic Center, Spring Fling.
  • Partnered with Jan Pease Marketing to create annual extravaganza: Big Boy Toys
  • Painted the Civic Center and Ice Rink ice PINK in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  
  • Hosted memorable shows including:
    • Blake Shelton
    • Lady Antebellum
    • Alan Jackson
    • Rascal Flatts
    • Timeless Music Festival 
    • Jokers Wild Comedy Tour

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  • Travel Writer Yours ("urban" whitewater and river restoration focus) Return on Investment over $250K in advertising equivalency.
  • Whitewater marketing film.
  • Weekly briefings at Ft. Benning with Newcomer's welcome.
  • Trip Ranger – An on-line itinerary builder/planner.
  • My ColumbusGa -- Multi-media local awareness campaign (the economic importance of tourism); local pride campaign.
  • Re-designated with Regional Visitors Information Center thru the GDEcD.
  • Partnership with Williams Road Welcome Center & GDEcD -- branding the Welcome Center, intercept visits, partnership opportunities with local attractions, hotels, etc.
  • Per household savings in local and state taxes $438.
  • "Think Like a Visitor" blog launched and picked up by Destination Marketing Association International and Southeastern Tourism Society for re-distribution.
  • Custom Facebook pages for Family Reunions, Military Reunions, Columbus-Ft. Benning resource portal.
  • On-line brochures -- Visitors Guide, Sand Hill-Ft. Benning.
  • Advisory Board GDEcD Tourism Office.
  • Officer GA Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus Board of Directors.
  • Officer Presidential Pathways Travel Association.
  • Tourism Workshop with Local & Regional Partners.
  • The newly redesigned Community Calendar.
  • Meeting Planner District campaign.
  • Hosted International Trumpet Guild.
  • Secured American Camellia Society for 2017.
  • Secured Georgia Middle School Association for 2014.
  • Hosted Georgia Organics, Georgia Republican Party, Omega Psi Phi Georgia State Convention, and Georgia Planning Association.
  • Secured USA Shooting for 2013 and 2014
  • Secured General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia for 2013
  • Secured Alabama Young Farmers for 2013
  • Secured Artist Blacksmith Association of North America for 2013
  • Secured American Institute of Architects – Georgia Chapter for 2013
  • Secured Goodwill Industries International for 2017.

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  • For the Columbus, Georgia Valley Partnership region, our year-to-date scoreboard totals 1,037 primary jobs created and 350 jobs retained with a capital investment of $85,050,000. The Valley Partnership region includes Muscogee, Harris, Marion, Chattahoochee, Taylor and Talbot counties, the cities of West Point, Manchester and Russell County, AL.
  • Phase 2 of NCR at 6000 Technology Parkway, a $15M project, will employ over 870 employees.
  • Road America added 350 call center jobs.
  • AFS America (Columbus’ first tier 2 Kia supplier) created 65 jobs with $3M capital investment.
  • TSPLOST was passed in our region, only 1 of 3 regions in the state to pass it. This Special Options Tax will create 16,000 jobs and over $594M for transportation projects in the River Valley Region.
  • Recruitment trip to Farnborough England Airshow provided 20 leads.
  • Site selection and prospect meetings in Atlanta, New York and Washington, DC.
  • After years of going to the customer, many of our prospects are coming to us. We had visitors from Germany, Japan, South Korea, England, Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico.

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  • Commission on Fire Accreditation International recommended department for re-accreditation
  • Enhanced public outreach through social media (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Improved Department Communication System through implementation of internet online policy review and accountability
  • Completed review of Department’s standard operating guidelines
  • Strategic planning process expanded to include community involvement
  • Department responded to over 50,000 calls for service
  • Twelve personnel completed the Paramedic program.
  • Eleven personnel completed the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician program.
  • Fifteen personnel completed the Emergency Medical Technician program.
  • Submitted all required plans, exercises and documents to Georgia Emergency Management Agency for approval as a certified Emergency Management Agency
  • Fire Prevention conducted 206 fire safety programs with 9,641 children taught about fire safety.  A fire safety house was used at four of the events.
  • Fire Prevention installed 81 smoke alarms
  • Department joined The International Association Of Woman In Fire And Emergency Services
  • Department was largest donor of “Paint the Town Pink” for breast cancer awareness and raised over $9,600.
  • Department exceeded fund raising goal for United Way.

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  • As of November 30, 2012, there has been a 9% reduction in Part 1 crimes through proactive patrols and vigorous investigations and a 21% reduction in burglaries.
  • Expanded our community outreach by providing a “Dare to be GREAT” camp.  The four-week summer camp was held at Edgewood Elementary School and involved over 100 Fifth grade students.
  • Initiated a TipSoft program designed to help Crime Stoppers prevent and solve crimes. TipSoft allows citizens to report criminal activity by sending anonymous e-mails and or text messages to Crime Stoppers.  The TipSoft system assigns the citizen an identification number to track information and when appropriate issue rewards.
  • City council approved over two million dollars to fund a new Records Management System.  System will allow electronic reporting from patrol vehicle as well as ability to search and “data mine” other information.  This is a major step forward for department.
  • Department fielded four new Rapid Identification Device electronic scanners that allow officers to scan a suspect’s fingerprints and have prints matched against Georgia Bureau of Identification database.

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Childhood Obesity

  • Taught 372 students for a total of 1,860 contact hours administered through the University of Georgia’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program.
  • 35% of the participants increased amount of fruits and vegetables consumed daily.  29% reported decreased consumption of sweetened beverages for savings of over $27,495,367.00 in anticipated healthcare related costs.

Home Visiting Programs

  • 432 clients were core screened, 262 referred to first steps, 52 mothers enrolled (28 prenatal) and 464 home visits.
  • 24 completed Domestic Violence screening, 10 at risk, 6 now have safety plan after positive screening for Domestic Violence.
  • MIECHV personnel conducted 69 community and group connection programs that reached 982 people in Columbus.

Expanded Food Nutrition Program – (EFNEP)

  • Total of 376 people graduated from EFNEP Program in FY2011.
  • After completing the EFNEP Program:

     -- 94% of graduates had a positive change in the nutritional value of their diets.
    -- 82% improved nutrition practices such as healthy food choices, preparing foods without adding salt,         reading nutrition labels and eating breakfast.
Gardening with the Mastersinternal auditor

  • 30 participants per session (9-sessions) signed up for the course.  540 education contact hours were made through the program.
  • 100% of the participants will re-attend program for new class information as well as answered “Yes” when asked if the information received from class would be used in their landscape projects.

Sustainable Turfgrass Training

  • Training provided to 40 workers, 96 hours each. Program certifies city of Columbus Urban Forestry & Beautification employees in Certified Sustainable Turfgrass.
  • Average pre-test score 72%.  Post-test scores averaged 92%.
  • UGA Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development estimates that each hour of training has a minimum economic value of $6,427 to businesses.

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  • Organized the GIS Executive Steering Committee & GIS Working Group to evaluate requests for services and allocate resources.
  • Mapped all city cemeteries with the exception of Linwood.
  • Supported CFEMS in re-certification review by performing route and call clustering analysis along with 300-plus static maps, posters, and electronic documents.
  • Updated the City’s GIS Website.
  • FCC Rebanding Project – The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) provided a nationwide mandate that certain 800 Megahertz radio frequencies licensed with Sprint Nextel, Inc. be swapped with certain local, state and Federal licensed frequencies to eliminate radio signal interference issues.  Columbus has several FCC licenses within the 800 Megahertz frequencies requiring that some 2,500 radios be reprogrammed or replaced.  This project provided Columbus with some 860 new radios.
  • 18th Av @ Garrard St Roundabout – Traffic Engineering developed the design concept and assisted in the supervision of the construction for this new roundabout.
  • Transport Blvd @ Cargo Drive Roundabout - Traffic Engineering developed the design concept and assisted in supervision of construction for this new roundabout.
  • Wynnton and Macon Rd ATMS project – This project was part of an EECBG grant that provided significant upgrade to the Wynnton and Macon Rd signal system.  The project installed new 2070 signal controllers for 18 signalized intersections, rebuilt five existing signal displays with Mast Arm Signal Strain Poles, upgraded all Pedestrian signals, replaced existing metallic signal interconnect with Fiber Optic interconnect interfacing this system to the City’s new Traffic Control Center.  Annual savings to motorists in Columbus will be $12,391,859 in the form of reduced delay and $1,807,146 due to reduced fuel consumption, for a total annual savings of $14,199,006.  The improved timing plans for the Columbus EECBG Signal Retiming Project have benefit cost ratios ranging from 46.39 to 1 to 49.06 to 1. Expressed in another way, the new timing plans for the Columbus EECBG Signal Retiming Project pays for itself approximately every 5-work day.
  • Signal System Retiming project – This project was part of the same EECBG grant that retimed 190 traffic signals within existing signal systems to improve travel time, reduce congestion and save fuel.
  • Uptown Parking Survey – Traffic Engineering managed and provided man power to conduct a three day Parking Survey for the Central Business District of all parking spaces from Bay Avenue
  • 2011 Cut & Cover -The project consists of installing over 2500 feet of varying sizes of sewer and water system improvements and over 1200 feet of Cured in place pipe lining. This work was done in 4 different locations: 2nd Ave, 11th Street, 17th Ave and Robert E Lee Drive. Road reconstruction, erosion and sedimentation control and all associated restoration connections were performed.
  • Riverwalk Stabilization Project - The work was focused on the original phase of the Riverwalk. The project included performing slope stabilization activities and utility location, grading, installation of bio-engineering (use of geogrid, soil anchoring, and turf reinforcement matting), erosion and sediment control, and detailed landscape treatments.
  • Fall Line Trace Sign Enhancement Project - The final construction on the Fall Line Trace included way-finding signs, brick pillar gateways at street intersections, entrance signs into the Rest Stops, mile marker signs, landscaping, concrete split median, complete signal flashers at larger intersections, pavement marking, pedestrian guardrails, playground equipment, concrete flatwork, park benches and trash receptacles.
  • Buena Vista Road Pedestrian Bridge - The work consisted of sandblasting and recoating the bridge with a high-performance epoxy coating, re-welding connections as required, removing and disposing existing fence material, installing new vinyl-coated chain link fence fabric, reinforcing structural members as required, and repairing additional stem walls.
  • Boxwood Recreation Center Rehabilitation - The rehabilitation of this neighborhood center included selective demolition, masonry infill of windows, exterior rough carpentry, new gutters and downspouts, refurbished doors and windows, ceramic tile, acoustical panel ceilings, restoration painting, new toilet and bath fixtures as well as a new HVAC system.
  • Keep Columbus Beautiful Rehabilitation - Done in two phases, the Rehabilitation to exterior of house including rehabilitation of all windows, removing and replacing damaged boards, scraping alligatored and loose paint, sanding down to well-adhered paint and repriming and repainting all the siding and trim.  The interior work included repainting of selected interior walls, ceilings and wood trim. Rehabilitation and repair of wood strip flooring.
  • Weracoba Creek Bank Stabilization - Project consisted of stabilization and new landscaping of 300 feet of stream bank along Weracoba Creek. The area was originally a historic solid waste facility that operated in the early 1900s. That solid waste was removed from site to prevent further contamination into the creek in conformance with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.
  • Technology Parkway Infrastructure - Contractors constructed an extension to Pine Grove Road approximately 1200 linear feet. The work also includes the installation of water mains and a force main sewer for future development coming to the area.
  • Gateway Bridge Façade and Landscaping Project - Visually connecting Columbus and Ft. Benning, the work primarily involved clearing, grubbing, planting various landscaping items, installation of irrigation, as well as, fountain plaza and construction of monument and bridge façade.
  • Moon Rd. Widening Project - Widening of 4700 LF of Moon Road between Veterans Parkway (US-27) and US-80. Originally a two-lane road, the widening made the area now 4 lanes with landscape median.
  • 14th Street Pedestrian Bridge - The existing bridge structure spanning the Chattahoochee River at 14th Street has been converted into a pedestrian-only bridge; and the work included structural repairs, remediation and modifications of the existing concrete and earthen bridge and its foundation.  The work will also include replacement of concrete guardrails, cantilevered concrete walks and the addition of hardscape work, landscape planting and amenities.  Selective demolition includes removing the existing walks, rails and paving.
  • 18th Street & Garrard Roundabout - Project maintained public access to all residences located within the area while performing and installing grading, sidewalks, handicapped ramps, curbs & gutters, driveways, medians; storm drain pipes; pavement marking; irrigation system, landscaping and pavement markings.
  • Over 29 miles of streets have been resurfaced and milled through out the city of Columbus.
  • Click here to view more photos.

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  • Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2011
  • Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2011 (FY12 Budget)
  • Exceeded Investment Index every quarter for 2012
  • Unqualified (“clean”) opinion from our external auditors for more than 25 years
  • Excellent bond ratings: Moody’s “Aa1” and Standard & Poor’s “AA+”

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  • Implemented employee pension reform
  • Initiated employee Health Clinic
  • Initiated conversion of paper personnel files to electronic documents
  • Initiated conversion of pension management system
  • Revised Overtime and Compensatory Time Policy
  • Redesigned Risk Management for effectiveness and efficiency in identification, assessment and prioritization of risks
  • 191 supervisors participated in Performance Review training
  • 59 employees participated in Internal Certification Program
  • Employees contributed $176,303.98 to United Way campaign, exceeding goal of $172,000.00
  • Collected 20 bins of gifts and personal care items for Caring and Sharing community outreach project
  • 220 units of blood were donated
  • Wellness Initiatives resulted in 1376 employees participating in wellness events and activities

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  • Completed all suggested transitional audit recommendations.
  • Revised, in detail, department’s policies and procedures.
  • Fully staffed department, with exception of a recent retirement in Print Shop, promoted 3 and hired 5.
  • Instituted a new customer friendly approach throughout department relating to our commitment to customer service.
  • Through participation in local homebuilders association, created an established rapport with many local contractors.
  • Successfully passed administrative portion of required Certified Building Official exam.

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  • Compliance Audit of 21 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Projects)
  • Received City Council’s approval for Forensic Auditor position
  • Performed the following audits:
    • Columbus Convention and Trade Center
    • Inspections and Code Department
    • Transition Audit of Coroner’s Office
    • Transition Audit of Probate Court
    • Transition Audit of Cooperative Extension Services

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  • FTA Deputy Administrator, Theresa McMillan kicked off the National Energy Efficiency Transportation Program in Columbus.  METRA was the recipient of an energy innovations grant that was “shovel ready” for the purchase of four hybrid diesel electric buses.  The buses are designed to save up to 30% in fuel.  The buses are quieter and fuel efficient.  This is the direction FTA endorses and recognized the Columbus Consolidated Government for being innovative in approaching conservation and public transportation.
  • METRA’s website can be read in 66 different foreign languages.  The language conversion requires the reader to select a language from any METRA website page.  The page is automatically translated.  This initiative is part of several activities aimed at improving transit information for citizens whose first language is not English (Limited English Proficiency Program “LEP”). internal auditor
  • A Spanish information line allows callers to ask transit questions and receive a Spanish call back answer within 24 hours during the week and 48 hours on weekends.  
  • Approved Georgia House Bill 277 Transportation Initiative Program (TIA) will provide state funding of approximately $22.5 million (@$2.5 million per year) for 10 years for public transit.

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  • The Muscogee County Juvenile Drug Court has served 663 participants and their families. Three hundred twenty-five participants have successfully graduated.   The program continues to reduce delinquency by 85% and has a long term sustained recidivism rate of 15%, which is below the national average.
  • Selected to give a presentation at the 2012 Accountability Courts Conference in Atlanta Georgia, May 2012.
  • Grandparent of a Muscogee County Juvenile Drug Court Graduate was 1 of 6 parents selected nationally to speak at the opening plenary session of the International Joint Meeting on Adolescence Treatment Effectiveness Conference (JMATE) in Washington, DC.  February 2012.
  • First Juvenile Drug Court in the nation to have a graduate give a testimony in front of 4,000 conference attendees at the opening ceremony of The National Association of Drug Court Professionals Conference (NADCP) in Nashville, TN.  July 2012.
  • Hosted the Accountability Court Symposium and Graduation Ceremony at Columbus State University, October 2012.  Keynote speaker was Ms. Carolyn Hardin, Executive Director, National Drug Court Institute (NDCI).  The 9 Accountability Courts in the Chattahoochee Valley were recognized for their accomplishments.

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  • Visionary and host of the 1st Annual Georgia Marshal Training Conference held in Columbus, Georgia. Conference emphasized training related to courtroom security, civil process, and leadership.
  • Operation Safe Schools-the Marshal's Office and Sheriff's Office joined forces to have deputies do a walk-through of all schools in the Muscogee County School
  • Began initiative to insure child safety.
  • Raised $1,794.00 for the Special Olympics and Law Enforcement Torch Run. An increase of $600.00 over last year's total.
  • Ongoing program that educates citizens in proper and safe use of firearms by conducting the Civilian Firearms Course. The course teaches Georgia Gun Laws, safe handling, maintenance, and firearms skills through practical exercises on the range.
  • Transitioned to new H & K pistol, the HK45.  Opportunity arose where we could support and partner with H & K USA located here in Columbus, Georgia. All sworn personnel have been properly trained and transitioned to the new weapons.
  • Recipient of grant from Homeland Security for five (5) RapidID Fingerprint Systems.  Systems allow deputies to do wireless checks of fingerprints in field. This helps keep community safe by giving deputies ability to identify wanted or dangerous persons who cannot be readily identified.
  • Recipient of grant from Columbus Consolidated Government, Office of Crime Prevention for Junior Marshal Program.  Grant insured middle school students will continue to receive the guidance and mentoring that the program offers.  The Junior Marshal Program was implemented in 2005. Since it’s existence students completing the program have gone on to attend the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, various branches of military, and other positive endeavors.

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  • Acquired the B.O.S.S. Chair, the Cell-sense and the Intellican (contraband detection systems).  MCP is the only county facility in the state with this equipment.
  • Increased number of shakedowns inside and outside facility drastically reducing amount of contraband that includes cell phones, drugs and tobacco.
  • Developed and implemented a Quality Improvement Committee and an Employee Benefit Committee to assist with improving staff moral.
  • Upgraded 15 year-old kitchen equipment.
  • Stripped all floors of dirty wax, resealed, then painted entire inside of facility
  • Constructed wall inside Warden’s Office to provide office space for administrative officer.
  • Transferred all inmates that were validated “Security Threat Group” members.
  • Security audit in November of 2011 yield 63 findings. Audit in May of 2012 yield only 11.
  • Updated and created post orders for all inside and outside officers to use as guide to perform duties.
  • Updated Inmate Handbook.
  • Improved communications with outside detail supervisors and officers and as a result we are now in compliance with applicable state laws, policies and procedures.
  • All vacant positions were filled including Deputy Warden of Security position.
  • Reduced the amount of compensatory time accrued by staff below 200 hours.
  • Competed bid process for new outside detail “Turn-Out” building.
  • Planned, organized and conducted GED/OJT recognition program for inmate graduates.  Mayor Tomlinson delivered keynote address.
  • Conducted quarterly emergency drills.internal auditor
  • Participated in community service projects and programs to include:  Torch Run, Shop with Cops, Toys for Tots, Book Bags for School, United Way Campaign, American Heart Association, Relay for Life, Open Door, and the Breast Cancer Awareness Program.
  • Planned, organized and conducted “Employee of the Quarter” staff recognition program.

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  • Hosted the GRPA (Georgia Recreation and Park Association) District 3 Awards Banquet.
  • GRPA Distinguished Professional of the Year, Administrative Support Award, Administrative Section awarded to Becky Glisson.
  • GRPA Distinguished Professional of the Year, Minority Section awarded to Dr. James Worsley.
  • Dr. James Worsley, Parks and Recreation Director, for achieving the highest level of credentialing in the field of parks and recreation.
  • GRPA State Conference - Holli Browder and Travis Landrum graduated from the George Harris Executive Management Institute.
  • Fall Line Trace recognized as the GRPA Outstanding New, Renovated or Expanded Park and Recreation Facility.
  • Holli Browder, Janet Langan and Tim Marshall were recognized for the Programmer's Section Innovative Camp of the Year “Camp Fit4Fun.”
  • Lillian Scarbrough recognized as the GRPA State Volunteer of the Year.
  • Marcia Austin awarded Therapeutic Section Therapeutic Volunteer of the Year.
  • Travis Landrum, Millie DelToro and Shelley Stephens accepted the Quality Service Awards-COA Accredited Provider at the Georgia Association on Young Children (GAYC)
  • Billy Haden received Proclamation from City Council for aiding a citizen and extinguishing a car fire.
  • Addie Newcomer received Peer Award (Promoting Employee Excellence through Recognition)
  • Tommy Groce, Park Services Division Manager, received Peer Award (Promoting Employee Excellence through Recognition).

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  • Started the process of developing a new 20 year master plan for the Parks and Recreation Department
  • Initiated the following plans:
    • Redevelopment of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard into a historic linear parkway
    • Buena Vista Road Spiderweb studies
    • Alternative Transportation Plan that will determine the future needs of bikers, pedestrians and transit users
  • Assisted in providing technical support to the Carver Heights neighborhood improvement organization
  • Worked with the Finance Department, Uptown Columbus and others to develop an ordinance governing street vendors in Uptown area
  • Completed a heat island (landscaping) project at the intersection of Buena Vista and St. Mary’s Roads
  • Completed the 14th Street Pedestrian Bridge
  • Completed the first phase of the Veterans Streetscape project from 13th to 8th Streets

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  • Created a robust safety program, to include policies, procedures, training and inspections.  Over 1,500 personnel training sessions completed.
  • GIS inventory and inspection of Stormwater system.  Establishment of a new inlet inspector has allowed us to increase inspections from roughly 3,000 inspections per year with a goal of 8,000.   We have completed over 15,000 inspections in 2012.  This will allow inspection, cleaning and maintenance of all inlets within a two-year period, reducing flooding and improving response times.
  • Balanced budget for integrated waste for the first time
  • Signage placed on all garbage trucks, inmate vans, etc., cautioning public to speak with drivers only.
  • Commercial tipping fees at landfills increased effective July 1, 2012.
  • Recycling program increased to include accepting materials from Auburn University and from 16 additional local schools
  • Heavy Equipment division integrated into streets and forestry divisions for more effective use of equipment.
  • Purchase of paving machine has allowed Public Works to take on smaller paving jobs, to include all four cemeteries (at a savings of $81,000 over the purchase of the equipment), Old Macon Road and other locations around the City.internal auditor
  • Euthanasia rate decreased to 52.6%, down from 79% for 2010 and 64% from 2011, for an overall reduction of 26.4% in two years.  
  • Created Animal Control volunteer program that now has 50+ active volunteers.   This has allowed regular off-site adoption events, contributing to the higher adoption rate and lower euthanasia rate.  Increased number of rescue groups that we work with regularly from 1 in 2010 to 25+ in 2012.
  • Established a work order system for the general government building, allowing accountability for customer requests.  Provided training to all building occupant organizations.
  • Installed propane fuel source on Sheriff’s vehicles and some public works mower.  Four staff members now trained for related maintenance.

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