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July 2012
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14th Street Bridge Beautification Project
Ice Rink Beats Summer Heat
Employee Recognition Program Winners
40 City Employees Celebrated Graduation
Disabilities Awareness Day Celebrated
2012 CCG Cookbook
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Salute to Military
David Bevans
Seth Bierman
Welcome back Seth Bierman, an employee at the Civic Center, who recently returned from reserve-active duty where he had been called to serve in Iraq for one year. We salute you and all our military, active, reserve and retired. Randy

David Bevans, New Director

Columbus Convention & Trade Center

David Bevans
David Bevans

David moved to Columbus in January of 2011, to serve as the Trade Center's Assistant Director. He has 25 years of experience working in convention centers, starting as an event coordinator at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. He has opened 2 convention centers (Tampa & Los Angeles) and been part of the expansion team of a 3rd (Orlando). He attended undergraduate school at West Georgia University in Carrollton and holds master degrees from the University of Louisiana - Monroe in Educational Administration & Supervision and Ohio University in Sports Administration.


He served as the International Association of Venue Manager's International Convention Center Conference Chair in 2002. He is also a United States Track & Field Federation Certified Coach. He has ran and or biked in 27 states and 4 countries.


Welcome David!


Employee Spotlight
Ralph Cooper 
Ralph Cooper
Ralph Cooper 

Mr. Ralph Cooper, an employee with 45 years of service, can be best described as a very dedicated employee, Crew Leader, family man and friend. Seemingly those are the phrases often used to describe those who are retiring, as is the case with Mr. Cooper in August of this year. He started with the City of Columbus April 5, 1966.


Not that his service record alone isn't something to be admired, but it is his impeccable 45 year safety record that brings me to the key board, and drew a standing ovation during the service pin awards ceremony in May of 2012. When asked about this achievement, he stated that he just did what he was supposed to do and did it right the first time! Which included doing the job with safety in mind first and foremost.


In speaking with Mr. Johnny Floyd, Pubic Services Safety Coordinator, about Mr. Cooper's safety record, such comments about how it is a lot easier to come to work for 45 years, than is was to come to work and maintain 45 years of safe work habits, and driving is "highly unusual." Mr. Floyd was in awe, stating that he has seen nothing like this during his tenure with Public Services as Safety Coordinator.


Mr. Cooper is a very humble man who leads his crew by setting the example of being responsible, reliable, attentive, and understanding. I find myself scrambling to find a replacement for him come August, not an easy task to say the least. But he has agreed to train several of the upcoming employees on various pieces of equipment, in order to make that search easier. Giving back, even on the way out the door!! This best describes Mr. Cooper and his stick-to-itiveness and attention to detail that gives us all a better explanation as to the "how" and not the "why" of his receiving not only a 45 years service pin, but a 45 years safety award as well!!


Great job Mr. Cooper!!


By Michele Brown,  

Street Division Manager


Welcome and Congrats to our New Hires, Promotions, & Retirees
May 2012

New Hires


Judge of Probate

Amanda O'Shields


Parks & Recreation

Juli Lloyd

Dwayne Pope

Jessica Goodwin

Syfrenia D Frazier

Gordon Head

Andre Hollis


Police Department

Bryan Reynolds

Andrea Stranko


Public Services

Jonathan Ferreira

Walter Garrett

Hunter Gosda

Sivi Littlejohn

Jennifer Ross


Sheriff's Office

Johnathon Hall

Melvin Nance

Charles E Patrick

Krystal Langston



Marcus Hardeman


Victim Advocate

Lacey Parmer



Sheriff's Office

Timothy S Delbridge - Deputy Sheriff

Joshua M Jolley - Deputy Sheriff

Darrein K Price - Deputy Sheriff



Board of Tax Assessors

Henry J Banks

Appraiser II/Real Property/G15

6 Years


Police Department

Gloria McFolley

Emergency Communication
Tech I/G10

15.5 Years


Public Services

David N Johnson

Landfill Operator/G12

15.5 Years


Newsletter Archives
Check out our archive section for previous editions here


Newsletter Staff

Vickie Armstrong

Norma Ausburn

Sherry Garcia

Jackie Goodwin 

Reather Hollowell

Rosana Juestel

Donnie Kent

Jenni McDonald

Sheila Risper

Jenny Teague

Sofia White


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14th Street Bridge Beautification Project     

logo The Columbus 14th Street Pedestrian Bridge is currently closed for pedestrian and vehicular use and is in the process of getting structural improvements such as new sidewalks and a new plaza. Streetscape enhancements will then be added after the structural improvements have been completed.


The 9.6 million dollar project will provide for needed structural improvements for pedestrian traffic within the existing right-of-way on the 14th Street Bridge and at the same time help with its overall appearance and connection to the community's trail system.


The bridge was closed several years ago to vehicular traffic due to extensive structural insufficiencies and was used for pedestrian use only. With these enhancements the bridge will provide connectivity and continuity to the Columbus Riverwalk and the Columbus Fall Line Trace. In addition it will connect Columbus to Phenix City, Alabama, enhancing the lives of thousands of people that live or visit the area.


This project will also be integrated with the River Restoration Project (whitewater project). This restoration effort will allow the river to regain its historic, environmental, educational, recreational and economic function to the communities in the Chattahoochee Valley area.


The bridge  is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2012. The River Restoration project is estimated to be completed in the summer of 2013. For more information visit the Planning Department website. 


Ice Rink Beats Summer Heat

Ice Skating with the Mayor

Dinky Ice skating fans enjoyed an afternoon of free skating at the Columbus Ice Rink. It was all fun and lots of laughter as Mayor Teresa Tomlinson teamed up with Davis Broadcasting for "Public Skate with the Mayor" on Saturday, June 2, 2012 from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. "Fantastic turnout. Attendance from the public was over capacity" according to Josina Pitman, the Mayor's Public Information Officer. Mayor Tomlinson's goal was to promote the Ice Rink and show off its many attributes.  


The Ice Rink, one of Columbus' most precious gems, just celebrated its 1 year anniversary and things are off to a "cool" start. Of course you know there is public skating available, but did you know you could also book your next party event? There is open figure skating, skating tournaments and much more. Check out the Ice Rink's cool website at


More Photos


Employee Recognition Program Winners 

1st Quarter 2012 Winners & Winners of the Year 2011-2012   

These employees have shown dedication and a commitment to excellence in supporting the City's mission. Please join Columbus City Council, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, and City Manager Isaiah Hugley in congratulating these employees.

 Employee Award Winners

1st Quarter Winners

Individual Excellence Award Winner

Patricia Glaser, Metra

PEER Award Winners

Angelica Alexander, Finance

Mark Sanders, Muscogee County Prison

Sofia White, Human Resources

Sherry Garcia, City Manager's Office

Kenneth Dewberry, Parks and Recreation


Winners of the Year 2011-2012
Individual Excellence of the Year Award Winner

Jim Waites, Fire/EMS

PEER of the Year Award Winner
Jason Smith, Information Technology  

40 City Employees Celebrated Graduation
The University of Georgia's Sustainable Turfgrass Training Program 


A group of 40 Urban Forestry and Beautification city employees celebrated graduation from The University of Georgia's Sustainable Turfgrass Training for Employees Program on June 12, 2012. Under the direction of Michael Jordan, the class participated in the educational series that emphasizes cultural practices that are environmentally friendly, lead to less chemical inputs, and reduce water waste for our city landscapes.

This program consists of a series of four workshops created at the request of the industry: Know What You Mow - Identify the six major turfgrasses found in Georgia and the unique needs of each grass type; Creating Tough Turf - Care and maintenance of turfgrass leads to healthier lawns that have less disease and use less water; WaterSmart Turf - Watering 101 with how to troubleshoot basic irrigation system problems; Smart Start Turf - Start right with sod, seed, and sprig to give a new lawn a healthy start. Pre and Post- evaluations were given to measure knowledge gained and the resourceful crews have already implemented some practices. The trainings were coordinated by Jennifer Davidson, UGA Cooperative Extension Ag Agent and are available for other departments by request.

Disabilities Awareness Day Celebrated Dinky

The Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities celebrated its 40th Annual Disabilities Awareness Day on Thursday, June 21 on the Plaza Level of the Government Center. This event was a celebration of the outstanding achievements of people with disabilities in the community and recognition for those who strive to raise awareness and advocate making Columbus a better place to live, work and play for people with disabilities.

More than 125 people attended the event, 16 vendors were on hand to share information about services available to the disability community and guest speaker and author, Lewis Colbert, shared his personal life story of challenge and triumph. Read more about Lewis' story at


A Mayor's Award was presented to individuals and one organization in the following categories:

  • Exceptional Service Award: Clifford Jones, Cindy Sparks, and Dr. Randall Mederios
  • Youth Advocacy Leadership Award: Julianna Russell
  • Educator of the Year Award: Kristine Mitchell
  • Autherene Lee Person of the Year: Jay O'Neal
  • Dr. Frances Duncan Award: Mary Huie
  • Employer of the Year Award: Social Security Administration
  • Employee of the Year Award: Patrick Liner
  • Dr. Jack Hughston Humanitarian Award: Jim Morpeth and Scott Ressmeyer of Country's BBQ

2012 CCG Cookbook
Looking for Your Favorite Recipes   

Watermelon Agua FrescaThe Cookbook Committee is in the process of collecting recipes for a new CCG Cookbook. These should be favorites or ones that have been passed down in your family for generations. If you like, add a brief story of the recipe. But, please make it as short as possible.


The deadline to submitting your recipe is Wednesday, August 15. The cookbook should be ready for print in October and ready for sale before Thanksgiving. As with the last cookbook, all proceeds will be used for CCG employee events/projects. A form for the recipe and a list of recipes are here.


Please send recipes via interoffice or email to: Norma Asburn - Engineering Department or


For Additional questions, please contact 706-225-3966. 

Download the recipe form here.


Healthy Recipe

Watermelon-Lime Agua Fresca


Watermelon Agua Fresca2 lbs seedless watermelon

1 cup cold water

2 tsp lime juice

1 tbsp simple syrup


Simple syrup:

¼ cup water

¼ cup sugar


Mix ¼ cup water with ¼ cup sugar. Bring to boil over medium-low heat and simmer, without stirring, until all sugar is dissolved (about 3 minutes) Remove from heat; add 1 tablespoon herbs (lemon basil or regular basil or mint). Let steep for 15 minutes until the flavor has infused the syrup. Blend all ingredients, adjusting sweetness as needed. Strain through a mesh strainer or cheesecloth (optional). Serve over ice.


Note: The benefits of watermelon are numerous. It is over 90% water and is the perfect water to hydrate every cell of your body. Because of its high water content, it is an extremely cleansing food. It also helps control blood pressure, promotes weight loss and helps lower cholesterol. It also contains lycopene, which protects you from sun exposure. It also contains vitamins A and C, potassium, beta-carotene, silicon and antioxidants. It relieves water retention, mental depression and fatigue and is very alkalizing.


Healthy Foods Quiz

Test your Diet IQ and Enter in for a Chance to Win a Prize

All questions have to be correct to be eligible for the drawing. Please send answers to by July 15, 2012.  All answers will be revealed in next month's edition.


Only City Government Employees are eligible to win the prize.


Diet IQ1.Which is one of the few drinks to be considered a super-food?

a. Wine; b. Coffee; c. Water; d. Cranberry juice  


2. Which helps cut calories for dieters?

a. Beans or b. Peanuts  


3. Water, whole grain cereal and _____ are weight-loss, weight maintenance super-foods.

a. Skim milk; b. Yogurt; c. Granola; d. Raisins  


4. Which tops the list of heart-healthy super-foods?

a. Oranges or b. Blueberries


5. A recently recognized super-food, the acai berry is related to the cranberry.

a. True or b. False

Upcoming Community Events


Denim-Diamonds Concert 13th Annual Denim and Diamonds with Travis Tritt & Diamond Rio

July 21 - 7:30 pm        

This year's performers include Travis Tritt and Diamond Rio. All proceeds will benefit Columbus HospiceandColumbus Hospice of Alabama.

Columbus Civic Center

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit


SAMARAC Marc Upshaw Presents "Samarc Foundation All Start Basketball Game"

July 26 - 6:00 pm

Columbus Civic Center

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit


Syndicate Syndicate Promotion Presents "Beat Down In C-Town"

July 28 - 7:00 pm

Featuring: Pro Boxing and Amateur MMA, Pro Boxing Female World Title Fight, Philly fighters invade the South, Pro Boxing featuring Tim Witherspoon Jr., Tevin Farmer, Georgiy Guralnik

Pro Boxing Debut of Columbus' own Roger Streeter, Amateur MMA featuring Columbus Gym's, Atlanta Gym's and Soldier's from Ft. Benning. 

Columbus Civic Center

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit


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