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New Hires, Promotions, & Retirees
Happy New Year to the CCG Family!
Council Approves Employee Health Clinic!
MCP Donates Gifts to Open Door Community House, Inc.
IT Blood Drive a Great Success
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Anne-Marie Amiel
Employee Spotlight
Anne-Marie Amiel

Anne-Marie Amiel was employed as Risk Manager on September 4, 2012.

She describes her risk management responsibilities as follows: reduce the amount of expense that the city, employees, and taxpayers must spend unnecessarily; be a good steward of the money that needs to be spent; and put into place programs that will build a good, safe working environment for the employees.


Ms. Amiel has an extensive legal background. She joined the navy, then later attended law school. This led to employment for an oil company as a maritime environmental lawyer. As a practicing attorney, she has also worked with constitutional law for non-profit organizations and handled workers compensation and employment law for Public Works. Her work background has been instrumental in her current position since she must have the ability to analyze things and consider them from different angles.   She wants to be proactive by first figuring out how to reduce worker's compensation exposure. This involves looking at how to improve safety.   She describes herself as "a people person, not a paper person." This characteristic is important since she needs a good relationship with so many people involved: getting to know the employees by going out to their work sites, working with departments to help reduce their accidents, and also working with outside agencies who handle the claims.


Ms. Amiel enjoys reading and writing books for young adults in her spare time. She also writes music, sings, and has a black belt in karate. She is a native of London, but admits she's fallen in love with Columbus. She doesn't have family in the United States, but has adopted friends as family.


Welcome and Congrats to Our New Hires, Promotions, & Retirees
November 2012

New Hires

Clerk of Municipal Court

Carey Reynolds


Civic Center

Jeanette Hewett


Judge of Probate

Amber N Crawford

Vanessa Sconiers


Parks & Recreation

Lorena Davis

Erica L Elder

Quentin R Greene

Roderick Richardson

Miaete Taylor

Devonte C Davis

Tyler Davis

Olivia N Horace

Mitchell J Hutchinson

Kiara C Sheppard

Police Department

Amanda L Jamieson

Charles R Alexander

Dietre A Burnette


Public Defender

Shaun Dunaway


Public Services

Robert J Williams

John H Crosby

Jason M Warren

Terry Fuller

Kenny E Savell


Sheriff's Office

Nestor Barreto

Duniesha Lawson


Tax Assessor's
Frederick Bassett




Sheriff's Department

Donovan J Mitchell

Deputy Sheriff Technician


Moises A Obregon

Investigator AD


Cooperative Extension

Joanne S Cavis

Cooperative Extension Director

32.5 Years


Public Services

Joseph Russaw

Assistant Street Manager

31 Years


Ashford W Rutledge

Public Services Crew Leader

24.5 Years


Pet Corner
Start Your New Year off on the Right Foot!!

January is Walk Your Pet Month. What a great way to start the year! I can't tell you how many behavior problems can be helped by providing more structured exercise. And it can actually help you to meet your own fitness goals. A recent study from the University of Missouri found that people who walk with dogs are more consistent in their exercise routine than those who walk with a human -- what could be a better way to burn off those holiday calories?

Remember: **CCG employees may adopt for FREE at the Columbus Animal Care & Control Center**

($50 charge for spay/neuter voucher applies)


For more information, call the Animal Care & Control Center at 706-653-4512


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Happy New Year to the CCG Family!
Isaiah Hugley 

I am happy to have this opportunity to greet you and say Happy New Year - 2013! Thank You for your great work, commitment and dedication to service to the citizens of Columbus, Georgia in 2012. We had a great year!

Now, we must look forward to 2013. Let's look forward by asking ourselves what can we do, above and beyond what we did in 2012, to make Columbus an even better place to live. Let's proudly serve the citizens of Columbus, Georgia by going above and beyond the ordinary level of service expected by citizens. Let's move beyond the status quo. Let's make customer service our top priority in 2013.

The CCG is looking forward to a great year in 2013. We must continue to take care of you, our employees, so that you can take care of the citizens of Columbus and your families. We had a major accomplishment with pension reform in 2012, with full implementation scheduled to occur in 2013. This accomplishment will sustain our pension plan for many years to come.

We look forward to opening the CCG Health Clinic in April 2013. This will be a valuable asset to the CCG, its employees and family members.

We look forward to the opening of the new city services center in June 2013 that will improve citizen access to high volume/high traffic types of city services. The city service center will be a state of the art facility centrally located in Midtown Columbus.

These are just a few of many great enhancements that we look forward to in 2013. Stay tuned! Again, thank you for all that you did in 2012, and thank you for what we know you are going to do in 2013.

Happy New Year!


Council Approves Employee Health Clinic!

Health Care for Employees and their Covered Dependents 

Clinic Exactly what is an employee health clinic? Is the clinic right for me and my dependents? I'm sure these and other questions are on many minds now that Council has given the green light to this innovative concept. So, let's talk about what the clinic will have to offer.


First, the primary goal of the clinic is to provide patient-centric, continuous, comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate and effective health care to employees and their covered dependents. In plain English this means that healthy patients will receive great preventive care and treatment for injuries and illness, and patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure will receive a higher level of professional care than most of us can afford. Our clinic will accomplish its mission by providing convenient office hours, extended face-time with medical professionals, almost no waiting, and no cost to the patient for clinic services and most generic prescriptions.


Other important clinic goals include providing appropriate high-quality care designed to improve the health of employees and dependents while saving both employees and taxpayers money. While these goals may seem contradictory, it is proven fact that it is far less expensive to invest in care that keeps patients healthy than to pay for expensive treatment in emergency rooms and hospitals.


What will the clinic facility and medical staff be like? Great question! You won't be able to tell the difference between our clinic and any other high-quality primary care medical practice in town. The doctors, nurses and other practitioners will be the best available and the facility first class.


Some employees may be concerned about confidentiality and CCG employees having access to private health information. We understand and fully agree. Although the CCG will fund the clinic, it will be managed by an independent clinic management company. The clinic staff will be employed by the management company and the CCG will not have access to any medical or appointment records. This is not just a promise from the CCG, it is the law.


Another area of concern is pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecological services. We understand these concerns too. The clinic will not provide pediatric services for very young children and no well-baby care. The same is true for OB/GYN. Patients will continue to receive these services from practitioners outside of the clinic, using the Blue Cross health plan, just as they are doing now.


Our target for opening the clinic is spring to early summer of 2013. We and the clinic manager have a lot of work to do before opening day, from locating and equipping the office to hiring the medical staff. But just as important, we will be providing employees with the information needed to make a decision on moving to the clinic healthcare program. I won't go into all the details right now but keep in mind that the clinic is totally voluntary and will have a "love it or leave it" guarantee, if you try the clinic and decide it's not right for you, you can return to your former health plan at any time during the first year.


Watch for more information in the coming weeks.


MCP Donates Gifts to Open Door Community House, Inc.

ClinicThe staff, officers and Warden Dwight Hamrick of Muscogee County Prison wanted to make a difference this holiday season. The idea was to give back to the community in a special way. More than fifty gifts of toys and clothing were collected and given to the Open Door Community House. Located at 2405 Second Avenue, 706-323-5518, the Open Door Community House seeks to empower impoverished people to reach their full potential. The organization supports seniors, women and youth with ministries that focuses on community and homelessness. A big "Thank You" to everyone that gave to make the project a success. Photo: Left, Mr. Sharpe, Open Door Community House, Inc. Sergeant Freeman Johnson, Muscogee County Prison.


IT Blood Drive a Great Success
Saving Lives!


The Columbus Consolidated Government's Information Technology Department partnered with the American Red Cross to sponsor a blood drive on Thursday, December 13, 2012. 40 units of blood were collected, which will provide saving blood and or blood products for nearly 120 patients in our surrounding area.  
IT Blood Drive
Healthy Recipe

Lumberjack Soup

Lumberjack Soup
Lumberjack Soup

7 1/2Cups Rutabaga

6 Cups Carrots

1 1/2Cups Celery

1 1/2Cups Mushrooms

6 Cups Fresh Spinach

2 Cups Fresh Chick Peas

5 Teaspoons Garlic Powder

6 Teaspoons Black Pepper

1 Cups Organic Dijon Mustard

3 Teaspoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 Teaspoons Sea Salt

2 Low-sodium Vegetable Bullion Cubes

18 Cups Water


Roughly chop rutabaga carrots, celery and mushrooms then place in a slow cooker. Add all other ingredients EXCEPT spinach. Cook in slow cooker for approximately 6 hours (or until rutabaga and carrots are soft). Finish by adding spinach. Stir then allow to cook down. Comments: This vegan soup is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help fend off winter colds. It yields approximately 21 cups and is great for freezing and reheating. 
Healthy Food Quiz

What is your nutritional IQ?

Getting the facts about food can help you lose weight!!


Test your Food IQ and Enter in for a Chance to Win a $5 gift card to Subway! All

questions have to be correct to be eligible for the drawing. Please send answers to humanresourcesdepartment@columbusga.org by February 15, 2013.    
CCG Employees Only


1. To lose 1 pound of body weight, you must burn 3,500 calories.

a. True  b. False


2. Calories eaten at night turn to fat more easily than those eaten during the day.

a. True  b. False

3. Drinking lots of water helps speed weight loss.

a. True  b. False

4. "Empty calories" refers to foods that are "free", or have virtually no calories.

a. True  b. False

5. Meats described as "lean" are healthier choices.

a. True  b. False

December's 2012 Health Foods Quiz Winner- Heather Rourk of Columbus Police Department

Answers the December 2012 Healthy Foods Quiz- 1.A; 2.B: 3.B; 4.C; 5.A 

Upcoming Community Events
January/February 2013

Columbus Cottonmouths Hockey Games

cottonmouths vs. Pensacola Ice Flyers

January 3 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Huntsville Havoc

January 4 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Knoxville Ice Bears

January 8 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Augusta RiverHawks

January 15 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Augusta RiverHawks

January 20 - 4:00 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Fayetteville FireAntz

January 25 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Fayetteville FireAntz

January 26 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Mississippi RiverKings

February 9 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Augusta RiverHawks

February 10 - 4:00 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Huntsville Havoc

February 16 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Pensacola Ice Flyers

February 19 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center


vs. Knoxville Ice Bears

February 22 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center

 For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit www.columbusciviccenter.org


wwEraw WWE RAW World Tour

January 3 - 7:30 pm

See your favorite superstars from RAW return to Columbus for the first time in 2013!

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit www.columbusciviccenter.org


Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Division

Bulls January 11-12 - 8:00 pm

  The PBR's Touring Pro Division is about one thing: hunger. And it's coming your way. Buckle Up: This is the stepping stone to the glitz and glamour of the elite Built Ford Tough Series, but there's nothing minor-league about it. These are young men dreaming of the big time. To make it, they have to get past the same monsters you see every week on national television, and superstar veterans looking to stand in their way.

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit www.columbusciviccenter.org






Jeff Dunham- Disorderly Conduct

February 23 - 8:00 pm

Jeff Dunham, ventriloquist and stand-up comedian, returns to the Columbus Civic Center in his new show Disorderly Conduct. Jeff will be joined by Walter, Peanut, Jose, and Bubba J.

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit www.columbusciviccenter.org

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