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Georgia Search And Rescue West Central Task Force 4A

FDC Strategic Plan
Standards of Cover

Strategic Plan - The Columbus Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services’ Strategic Plan provides a realistic approach that will effectively guide our department’s pursuit of excellence for the next seven years.
1.2 Protective Clothing - To ensure proper guidelines for the wearing, cleaning and storage of Columbus Fire and Emergency Medical Services Personal Protective Clothing.
1.1 Incident Management - To meet the requirements of and to be compliant with the National Incident Management System. (NIMS)
1.2 To provide an effective Incident Management/Unified Command ...
1.1 Arrival Information Report - Provide arrival information to all responding units and the Battalion Chief(s) and all other resources utilized at emergency scenes.
1.1 Personnel Accountability - Establish a procedure to effectively account for personnel at the scene of an emergency incident.
1.1 Incident Safety Officer - To provide Department personnel with the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to function safely and effectively as the Incident Safety Officer at emergency operations.
1.1 Highrise Tactical - To establish operational guidelines for the rescue of occupants, fire control, property conservation, and personnel safety during emergency situations in highrise structures.
1.1 Rapid Intervention Team - To establish guidelines for operations in and around Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) or potential IDLH atmospheres that are in accordance with NFPA 1500 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 and 1910.134.
Established 2002 - Updated February 23, 2018
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