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Primary Voting Questions

Primary Voting Questions

  1. Why do I have to choose a party?
    Georgia law does not permit voting in more than one party's primary, so voters wishing to participate in the Primary must choose either a Democratic or Republican ballot.

  2. What if I want to vote, but don't want to choose a party?
    Voters may opt for a Nonpartisan ballot. The Nonpartisan ballot will only contain the nonpartisan races, which are mostly judicial and are mostly unopposed

  3. Does my party choice in the primary have any bearing on my choices in the November General Election?
    No. You are not restricted by party in any way during the November General Election.

  4. If I voted in a particular party's primary, may I switch to the other party for the run-off?
    When you choose a party during a primary, you may only participate in that party's runoff. You may not switch parties for the run-off.

  5. If I don't vote in the Primary, may I vote in the Run-off?
    Yes. If you don't vote in the Primary, you have not yet selected a party preference and may vote in either party's run-off.

  6. If I vote in the nonpartisan election during the initial voting, may I participate in a party runoff?
    Yes. If you vote nonpartisan during the initial election, then you have not yet chosen a party. This means that you are eligible to participate in either party's primary run-off.

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