Charter Review Commission

Ballot Amendment

According to Article IX Section IV Paragraph II of the Constitution of the State of Georgia, every ten years a Charter Review Commission shall be established tasked with the following duties: study the charter of said city [Columbus] and, ..., to propose changes in the existing charter which will be submitted to the voters of said city [Columbus] for their approval or rejection;...

The Commission is composed of 25 members which represent a cross section of the community. Fifteen members are appointed by the Mayor, the other ten are appointed by their district’s councilor.

Commission members will meet to review and, if necessary, make recommendations for changes to the City Charter. If the Commission does determine changes need to be made, they must first hold at least two public meetings to determine the sentiment of the community. After the public hearings have been held and the Commission determines there is support for the recommended change(s), the Commission must submit the changes to be voted on by the electorate. If any recommendations are approved by the voters of Columbus, the changes shall take effect January 1 immediately following the election.

Commission Members