Columbus, Georgia                    
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Directions to Public Safety
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Stop all deliveries.
  • Arrange with a trusted neighbor to:
    1. Bring in your mail.
    2. Watch your house for suspicious activity.
  • If you have an open carport leave a second car (yours or a neighbors) positoined so that a van cannot pull in.
  • Use an automatic timer to operate your inside lights at night.
  • Turn the ringer down on your telephone so that someone outside cannot hear your phone continually ringing.
  • Don't inform anyone of your departure except those whom you contacted to watch your house.
  • Participate in Operation Identification. Engrave all valuable personal items and place Operation Identification decals on doors and windows.
  • The day before you leave, call the Columbus Police Department at (706) 653-3205 and ask for a house check. A patrol car will periodically check your house during your vacation.
  • Lock all exterior doors and windows including the garage.