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Parents use these Tips for Tots with your children who are too young to read. It is important that you not frighten your child; but with repeated lessons - as with play school - teach him/her the following:
  1. Never get into a car with a stranger.
  2. Always play with a friend - "Be a buddy."
  3. Do not take presents from strangers.
  4. If a car pulls up where you are playing, back away and run either home or to a safe house.
  5. Teach him/her where a safe house is if you are going to be out.
  6. Teach your child to cry loudly for help and run if he/she is followed by foot or by car.
  7. Teach your child name, address and telephone number and 911 for Police.
  8. Practice dialing your number - including area code
  9. Teach your child a magic word; and he/she is only to go with someone who knows the magic word. (Make it simple and reiterate often.)
  10. Never open the door when home alone. Teach your child to dial police if person persists.
  11. Never let anyone touch them in a way they do not like - especially in an area covered by a bathing suit, and if they do to tell you about it at once.
  12. Assure them of your love and that they will not be blamed if they do to tell you about it at once.
  13. Never go anywhere without permission.