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The information below contains helpful precautions to minimize the chances of becoming a victim of a crime while you are traveling.
  • Get recommendations for lodging in safe areas. Talk to a travel agent you trust or your auto club. Get a guaranteed reservation, if possible.
  • Choose hotels that have electronic key systems where the rooms are re-keyed after guests check out.
  • Do not pack anything that you cannot afford to lose. Traveler's checks are a safer alternative than cash.
  • Dress conservatively when you travel. You do not want to appear too affluent or "touristy". Both looks attract thieves.
  • When checking into your hotel, ask the clerk to write down your room number, not announce it so that others can overhear.
  • The second to sixth floors of a hotel are the safest choices. Because they are above ground level, a break-in from the outside is unlikely, but they can still be reached by fire and rescue equipment.
  • Do a security check of your room when you check in. The door should have a peephole, a deadbolt lock and a safety chain or latch that operates from the inside. Make sure any doors to connecting rooms are locked. Check that all windows or sliding glass doors are closed and locked. Make sure no one is hiding in the closets.
  • Never open your door to let anyone into your room without first looking through the peephole and verifying the person's identity. If it is not someone you called, such as room service or housekeeping, do not open the door. Call the front desk and ask a manager to confirm the purpose of the person's visit.
  • Do not leave money, jewelry or other valuables in your room while you are out. Use the hotel safe, and be sure to get a receipt.
  • Tell a neighbor or a friend (someone you trust) that you are leaving town, and could they keep an eye on your house.