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The Columbus Police Department is committed to providing the citizens of Columbus with excellence in law enforcement that will improve the quality of life for all residents of the Chattahoochee Valley. We are furthermore committed to maintaining our partnership with the community in a manner that continues to promote confidence and trust in the Columbus Police Department.
In the Beginning
The Columbus Police Department was founded in 1831 as a one-man Department under Ephraim C. Bandy. At that time, mandatory patrol duty was assigned to the citizens.

The Columbus Police Department is guided by a Chief and an Assistant Chief. 


Chief Ricky Boren took office in November 2004 after serving as Assistant Chief.  He began his career with the Department as a patrol officer on December 13, 1971. In recent history, all of Columbus' police chiefs have been promoted from within the ranks, indicating the high degree of professionalism that has been maintained within the Department. 

Chief Ricky Boren

Assistant Chief Lem Miller began his career with the Columbus Police Department as a Cadet in 1972. He became Assistant Chief in December 2013.

Four bureaus and the Office of Professional Standards, each commanded by a Major, provide the primary functions of the Department.

Within the Chief's Office, there are several units:
The Budget Office is responsible for the planning, preparation and administration of the Department's annual budget. Their other responsibilities include federal grant management, invoice administration, reimbursement claims, procurement of office supplies, and conducting internal audits. The Budget Officer and a Fiscal Technician provide these services. Click here for a budget summary.

The Polygraph Unit conducts polygraph tests for the Department as well as other federal, state and local agencies upon request. Departmental tests usually relate to criminal or administrative issues ("specific issue" investigations) and pre-employment background processing.

The Crime Analysis Unit collects and analyzes crime data to detect trends and areas of concern that may need to be targeted by patrol officers or investigators. Administrators also use the information as a management tool to assist them in manpower allocation. This Unit also monitors the latest Appeals Court decisions in important criminal cases to insure that our personnel have the latest information on current legal doctrine. Click here for crime statistics.

The Chief's Office also administrates the activities of other specialized units that are staffed on an as-needed basis (officers who have other primary assignments within the Department). These include the SWAT Team, Columbus Metro Narcotics Unit, Honor Guard, Police Chaplain and the Columbus-Metro Emergency Response Team (CMERT), which is a part of the Columbus Department of Homeland Security.