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Directions to Public Safety
  1. Always tell your parents where you will be.
  2. Travel in groups or with a buddy. There is safety in numbers.
  3. If you see someone hanging around the schoolyard or the park, tell your parents. Learn to give a good description - is the person tall or short, dark or light, color of eyes and hair; if he/she is driving, make and model of car and license number.
  4. Do not travel in dark and lonely areas.
  5. Do not accept job offers or rides or gifts from a stranger. Even if you know the person, do not go with him/her unless you first tell your parents and let the person know that your parents know.
  6. Do not take dares to go into lonely places or remote areas.
  7. It is no fun to run away from home. There is nothing so terrible that you cannot tell your parents.
  8. Do not answer the door when you are home alone or tell people that you will be alone.
  9. If someone persists in calling or trying to get in, call the police at once.
  10. Do not go up to people from cars who ask directions, step back and tell the occupants you do not know, and walk rapidly away. Adults should not be asking you for directions.
  11. If someone touches you in a way that feels bad, yell and tell. It is your body and nobody has a right to make you feel bad. Even if it is a relative or friend, TELL and keep telling till somebody believes you.
  12. Remember, YOU did nothing wrong.
  13. Do not go with strangers even if they are dressed like policeman. Insist on running home first.
  14. Do not believe people who promise you a TV career. Tell your parents if somebody does.
  15. If your parents don't believe you, tell your teacher or someone you trust.