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Bike riding is a lot of fun... great exercise and economical transportation. But remember, you're not alone on the road. Other bike riders, pedestrians and motorists present potential risks for accidents. This page will help you avoid accidents by keeping you focused on safety and common sense in the street.

Use Your Head

The smart way to use your head, while riding a bike, is to wear a safety helmet. Make sure it fits correctly. If it's too loose it won't protect you. You can make it nice and snug with adjusting pads.

Keep Your Bike Safe

The following checklist consist of 10 key points to consider for safe operation of your bike (refer to bike picture for location):

  1. Keep seat adjusted correctly, so that knee flexes slightly when pedal is at lowest point.
  2. Make sure seat is solid and locked tight.
  3. Be sure tires are properly inflated and spokes are tight and straight.
  4. Check brakes for even braking power and safe braking distance.
  5. Sprocket and chain must be oiled and tight.
  6. Chain guard protects against catching pant legs or other loose clothing in chain.
  7. Pedals must be secure and not wobble.
  8. Handle bar should have a horn and a rear view mirror.
  9. Headlight should be mounted on front fender or handlebars.
  10. Be sure to install reflectors on rear of bike and on spokes.
Be Visible!

Try not to ride in the dark. But if you must, remember the easier it is for motorists to see you, the safer you will be. Wear bright, light colored clothing and put the proper lights and reflectors on your bike (refer to picture for location)...

1.  Headlight.
2.  Pedal reflectors.
3.  Spoke reflectors, front and back.
4.  Red rear reflector.
5.  Reflective tape on clothing and helmet.

Rules of the Road

Remember your bike is a vehicle on the road and is subject to traffic laws and rules of safe conduct. Below are a few simple rules to keep in mind:

  • While riding in the street, go in the same direction as traffic, but stay far over to the right side of the road.
  • Use proper hand signals so motorists will know when and where you will stop or turn.
  • Stop at every red light, just like a car. Always look to the right, left, and right again before proceeding into an intersection.
  • Sidesaddle carriers or a backpack is a safer way to carry stuff than in a handle bar basket because there's no chance that your view will be obstructed.
Using Hand Signals

Be sure you know how to make the proper signals for turning to the left, the right, and for stopping. All signals are made with the left hand. Below are the correct ways to signal: