Parking Areas

Bus Routes:

The RiverCenter Garage

The RiverCenter Garage located at 919 Broadway, directly across from the RiverCenter Performing Arts Center, offers leasing of spaces on a monthly basis and space for daily parking. Daily parking is $2.00 for the entire day and payable upon exiting the garage. You may lease a reserved space on a monthly basis for $25.00. A $15.00 refundable access card fee is required (onetime fee). For information about leasing a space call the RiverCenter Garage at (706) 653-4647.

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The Bay Avenue Garage

The Bay Avenue Garage located at #4 12th Street, directly across from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, offers leasing of spaces on a monthly basis and spaces for daily parking also. Daily parking is $2.00 for the entire day and payable upon exiting the garage. For prices on leasing monthly spaces contact Cherie Sanders at (706) 571-6059.

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The Front Avenue Garage

The Front Avenue Garage located at 1028 Front Avenue is the home of Columbus State University Students Housing Parking. The third through fifth floors is designated for student parking while the first floor is designated for public parking and the second floor is designated for W.C. Bradley. Currently, parking in the Front Avenue Garage is free to the public.

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Special Event Reservations

Got a special event and no place to have it. Enjoy the view, the space and the open air from atop the garage deck. Call the Parking Management Division (contact information) to rent a floor in either The RiverCenter or The Bay Avenue Garage to have your special event.

The Citizens Service Center Garage

The CSC Garage is located at 1601 Midtown Drive, adjacent to The City Services Center and The Aquatic Center, offers public parking on the 1st and 2nd levels. The 3rd level is designated for employee parking. Parking in the CSC Garage is free for all..

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The 9th Street Parking Lot

The 9th Street Parking Lot is located directly across from the Government Center. The lot has 125 spaces designated for public parking. The cost is $2.00 for daily parking and payable upon exiting the parking lot.

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Uptown Residential Parking

The purpose of the residential permit is to provide on-street, unlimited time parking in designated Residential Parking Areas to residents who reside in the Uptown Parking Management Enforcement Area (UPMEA). Residents who do not display the valid residential parking permit will be issued a parking ticket if their vehicle violates parking ordinances.