Department of Engineering

Division of Traffic Engineering

The Division of Traffic Engineering provides Traffic Engineering services to this Community for the purpose of creating and maintaining an expedient and safe means of transporting people, materials and goods through our city/county. These services are provided through geometric designs, pavement markings, traffic signs, traffic signals, street lighting, traffic accident analysis and traffic ordinances. This Division is also responsible for maintaining all of the City’s Radio Communication Systems and Components.

Division Functions

  • Design and Administrative Services
  • Pavement Markings, installation and maintenance
  • Traffic Signs, installation and maintenance
  • Traffic Signals, operation and maintenance
  • Street Lighting
  • Access/Encroachment Permit System
  • Traffic Accident Analysis
  • Traffic Ordinances
  • Radio Communications

Forms and Applications

Road Closures

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Additional Resources

Traffic Count Map

Each year a statistical count of traffic volumes is made at select locations throughout the Columbus/Muscogee County road system.
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Slow Down Columbus Program (Traffic Calming)

The Slow Down Columbus Program was created to allow citizens to petition for traffic calming measures to be implemented within their neighborhoods. For a citizen to request that a neighborhood traffic calming study be done: it is suggested that they first read the traffic calming policy established by the City Council of the CCG. Next a set of possible measures should be reviewed to see if one or more of the measures can be considered. Soft measures are those that can be readily implemented and hard measures are those that will require geometric considerations prior to their construction.

When the policy has been reviewed, the CitiLink Service Request can be entered for the traffic study. The Traffic Engineering Division will provide a base map and petition from which the citizen will be requested to obtain signature of 20 per cent of the residents. The rest of the process is outlined in the policy. It is also shown in a graphical form.
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Truck Route Map

Providing a reliable Truck Route System is critical to the ongoing success of any community. Columbus developed our Truck Routes to balance the needs of our Trucking industry while protecting the City's street network and safety concerns of residential districts.
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