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Andy Prather

Andy Prather was born in and is a lifelong resident of Columbus, Georgia.. He was in private law practice from 1977-1979, assistant solicitor 1980-1982, solicitor 1983-1993, and has been a state court judge since 1994. He was the president of the Solicitors Association of Georgia in 1990, and president of  the Columbus Younger Lawyers Club in 1988. 


With regard to traffic cases and criminal charges, please understand that the judge is not permitted to talk to individuals about these cases outside of court.  He is subject to disciplinary action by the state if he does so.  If you have questions or comments about a traffic or criminal case, please contact the county prosecutor's office at (706) 653 4327.  

With regard to civil litigation, Judge Prather adheres to the Uniform Rules of State Court.  There are no set local rules.  We do ask that Attorneys from the Atlanta Metro area pay attention to Rule 6.1 regarding copies for the judge of civil motions filed here.  This rule, like the 55 MPH interstate highway speed limit,  seems to be universally disregarded in the Atlanta area.  The better practice is to send a copy of the motion directly to the judge at P.O. Box 1340 Columbus, GA 31902, or, if a physical address is needed, 100 10th St. Columbus, GA 31901.  

Judge Prather encourages informal “Casual Friday” type attire for non jury civil matters held in chambers and in the courtroom.  During jury trials male attorneys are requested to wear a necktie but jackets are not required.    We anticipate a sexual discrimination claim on the necktie request the next time the air conditioner malfunctions in July and will reconsider that policy accordingly.

Jury trial times are somewhat rigid for the convenience of the jurors.  Trials start at 8:30 AM, lunch is from 11:30 AM until 1:00 PM and court adjourns at 4:30 PM.  Breaks are taken as needed.  This schedule is varied only by the consent of the jurors.  If you have a high paid expert witness from Seattle on the stand at 4:30  and his flight leaves at 8:00 PM that’s too bad. Your witness is making a lot more than the $25.00 per day jury fee.  

A cafeteria has reopened on the ground floor of the courthouse.  Fax, telephone, photocopy, secretarial and internet services are NOT available in Judge Prather’s office for visiting attorneys, their staff, clients, and families.  Security considerations prohibit such accommodations. Cellular telephone reception is excellent on the Eleventh Floor of the Government Center .  Judge Prather does not go into apoplectic shock if your cell phone rings in the middle of a proceeding, however, you should expect  sarcastic commentary on the incident in open court.

If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, or requests  regarding the operation of Judge Prather's Office, feel free let us know.  We constantly strive to improve our service and make our operation more efficient for the benefit of the citizens and legal community.

Special thanks to the great staff of the Columbus Consolidated Government's Information Technology Department for making this web service for the public possible.




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