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Heat Island Mitigation Program

The main goal in this program is to create a pleasing environment, filled with trees and seasonal landscaping which will bring benefits beyond the urban heat island that includes:

  • Reduce energy use: Trees and vegetation that directly shade buildings decrease demand for air conditioning.
  • Improve air quality and lower greenhouse gas emissions: By reducing energy demand, trees and vegetation decrease the production of associated air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. They also remove air pollutants and store and sequester carbon dioxide.
  • Enhance stormwater management and water quality: Vegetation reduces runoff and improves water quality by absorbing and filtering rainwater.
  • Reduced pavement maintenance: Tree shade can slow deterioration of street pavement, decreasing the amount of maintenance needed.
  • Improve quality of life: Trees and vegetation provide aesthetic value, habitat for many species, and can reduce noise.

Several areas in the city are being assessed to find out if they could be included in the City’s Heat Island Mitigation Program.

Heat Island Mitigation Projects In Columbus

The Spiderweb is the first project being built as part of the City’s Heat Island Mitigation Program and is located at the intersection of Buena Vista Road, Brennan Road and St. Mary’s Road.

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Contact Information

For more information about the Heat Island Mitigation Program, please contact Martha Santana at 706-225-3928 or Alina Phillips at 706-225-3933.

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