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Jul-Aug 2013

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Employee Spotlight: William Price
Employee Spotlight: Henry Hughes
New Hires, Promotions, & Retirees
Pool Season is Now Open
New City Services Center
New Columbus Aquatic Center
The New Recycling Center and Drop Locations
Columbus, Georgia A Runner Friendly Community
CCG Couch To 5K
The Public Works Director's Award
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Adopt-a-Spot Program
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Employee Spotlight
William Price, Assistant Trade Center Director 
Will Price
Will Price

William Price was employed as the Assistant Trade Center Director

on February 25, 2013. His responsibilities include managing the sales and event services, serving as liaison with the Convention & Visitors Bureau, and performing the duties of the Executive Director in his absence. Prior to joining the Trade Center, he worked with "Yes-U-Can Ministries" in South Atlanta for a short time. As Vice President of Operations, he ensured that mental health services were provided for at-risk children ages 5 to 17. In addition, he managed the clothing barn, housing ministry, and was in charge of building maintenance. He served in this program because of the need to serve in his community.


Aside from his brief employment with the community based program, his career has spanned more than 25 years in the hospitality industry. He served as Audio Visual Director of Sales at the Hyatt Regency Hotels in a number of states, and was employed at the Georgia International Convention Center. He stressed that no matter what industry he has been involved with; his focus has continued to be upon helping people.


"Bill" enjoys gardening and Bible Study in the little spare time that he has. His philosophy is "Be passionate about what you do. Success is based on passion for what you do as well as a positive attitude each and every day. Every client is important and everyone is a client."


Employee Spotlight
Henry Hughes  Milestones
Henry Hughes
Henry Hughes

This is the time of year often associated with milestones being reached. A milestone in the life of a youth might be graduation or a first job. For older adults, there are usually other challenges. It seems that what can be said for every milestone is they haven't come easy. For example, graduating from high school or college requires years of hard work and endurance. This can also be said for retirement after working more than 40 years.


Milestones, though serious events, can be looked at from a humorous point of view. For instance, at Henry Hughes' retirement ceremony on May 17, 2013, it was jokingly said that he loved his job so much that he wore his badge of honor (the employee identification) even in unlikely places such as church. Henry explained that he sometimes went to work after church. It was emphasized that he smiled and didn't complain, whether he was called upon to arrive early or stay late. This showed dedication. Finally, mention was made of how long he had talked about retiring, and finally did it.   Henry emphasized that he waited until he was ready. He realized that retirement is a major step, requiring both preparation and patience.  


Henry Hughes was an employee that "provided quality service" for more than 40 years.   The lesson that can be learned from his retirement is that we too can approach milestones with dedication, preparation, and patience. Then we can look forward to what's ahead with confidence and self-satisfaction that the many years of work were worthwhile.


Welcome and Congrats to Our New Hires, Promotions, & Retirees
April/May 2013

New Hires


Francine Johnson


Clerk of Municipal Court

Marquese Averett

Allison Savage


Clerk of Superior Court

Dianne Rozar


Cooperative Extension

Stacey Riddle-Pruet

Teresa Burkett


District Attorney

Matthew J. Landreau

James Barrow



Tara Miller


Inspections & Code

Robert Frullaney


Judge of Probate

Rebecca Crowley


Juvenile Court

Verna Perry

Maria Rosales-Acosta


Muscogee County Prison

Matrice Palmer

Michael Williams


Parks & Recreation

Shirley Giles

Alexis Booker

Christopher Cleveland

Jacqueline Ghant

Emmanuler Brunson

Lance Burdette

Elbert Elliott

Summer Garcia

David Hall

Briana S. Lawrence

Gerald Turner

Justin Upshaw

Amanda Frazier

Clarence Goshea

Ryan Greenlee

Justin Johnston

Adrianne Wright

Jared Almanza

Gabrielle Bailey

Chad Day

Joshua Harbin

Laura Huska

Madeline Lewis

Kailey Lytle

William McTaggart

David Pierce

Cameron Anderson

Jasmine Brown

Kremease Dora

Syfrenia Frazier

Lyndsey Graddick

Tandria Jones

Ayshiea Sanders

Julia Sermons

Antjuan Smith

Richard Vale

Tinyah Williams

Xaiver Williams


Police Department

Melissa Harrigan

Heather Mcwilliams

Kelly Phillips

Justin Williams

Walter Wood

Alicia Duncan

Christopher Vannoy

Murray Widener

Dana Scott

Brenda Brockton


Public Works

Sara B. Snyder

Thomas Spitznagel

Andrew Kelly

Rodney Barefield

Christopher Money


Sheriff's Office

William Plock

Jerald Gilliland

Danna Chinn

Kyle Edwards


State Court Solicitor

Eric Robinson


Tax Commissioner

Jerri Alford


Trade Center

Brooke Okey



Christopher Freeman

Shawn Brunson

Carla Easley

David Stephens


Work Force Investment

Chelsea Tripp



Civic Center

Alfred Patrick              

Arena Technician


Human Resources

Reather Hollowell



Suzanne Daniels
Municipal Court/Magistrate Court


Kamira Wright

Senior Deputy Clerk/


Parks and Recreation

Vancie Ovdenk

Community Schools  

Site Supervisor


Police Department

Amelie Allen

Emergency Communication  

Technician III


Jessica Runowski

Emergency Communication  

Technician II


Traci Rushing

Emergency Communication  

Technician II


Justin Culpepper

Emergency Communication  

Technician III


Latosha Rogers

Emergency Communication  

Technician III


Public Works

David Bryan

Public Services Supervisor


Emma Smith

Correctional Detail Officer Stormwater


Grover Gonterman

Equipment Operator III


Thomas King

Public Services Crew Leader


Sheriff's Office

Travis Stiles

Deputy Sheriff


Sawn Crane                  

Deputy Sheriff


Krystal Langston         

Deputy Sheriff


Leroy Ward                  

Deputy Sheriff


Ryan Wright                

Deputy Sheriff




Municipal/Magistrate Court

Suzan Denson

Court Coordinator

24 Years of Service



Police Department

Donald "Mark" Graydon

Police Sergeant

25 Years of Service


Helen "Marguerite" Hodge

Criminal Records Technician

12.5 Years of Service


Public Works

Henry J Hughes

Custodial Operations Assistant

40.5 Years of Service


Newsletter Archives
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Newsletter Staff

Sherry Evans

Jackie Goodwin 

Vickie Hughes  

Rosana Juestel

Donnie Kent

Susan Lathan 

Jenni McDonald

Sheila Risper

Jenny Teague

Cindy Ware
Sofia White


Suggestion Box
How Can We Improve City Government.
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311 Citylink

Pool Season is Now Open

For more Information visit: Parks & Recreation

Tuesday, August 6th is National Night out!

National Night Out - America's Night Out Against Crime began in 1984. It started as an effort to promote citizens involvement in crime prevention activities and was used to send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

The night is an opportunity to promote police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie. The National Night Out program culminates annually, on the first Tuesday of August. For more information please contact your local recreation facility!


New City Services Center   

Construction is complete and many departments started moving last month to the new City Services Center.  Located 3111 Citizens Way, the new facility is just off Macon Road and stands between the Columbus Library and the Muscogee County School District's main office.


The Tax Commissioner's Office (Vehicle Tag & Property Tax) closed its downtown location at the end of business on June 24, 2013 and reopened June 27, 2013 at the new Center.


Columbus Council will hold it's Tuesday, July 9 meeting in the new Council Chambers at 5:30 PM.


The following departments & services will also relocate to the new City Services Center.  Opening dates and times to be announced.

City Services Center  

311 Citizens Service Center

Business License


Council Chambers - Council Meetings

Deputy City Manager's Office

Elections & Voter Registration Office  

Occupational Tax - Revenue

Parks & Recreation Administrative Offices

Revenue Collection

Tax Assessor's Office   


Slideshow Pictures 

New Columbus Aquatic Center   

Construction for the new 57,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Aquatic Center  is complete. It is estimated to be open to the public in Mid July.  It accommodates swimmers of all skill levels.


This new facility will offer a first class experience with amenities to please everyone from the novice swimmer to the advanced. It will focus on providing practice  and competition opportunities. There will be lessons and other related water activities. The facility will have a concessions area that will provide a variety of drinks and foods for swimmers and visitors. In addition, the Columbus Aquatic Center will maintain a well stocked Pro-Shop and rental space for meetings.


All goods and services offered will be subject to fees and charges. There will be general admission rates for residents and non-residents as well as a variety of membership plans.  USA Pools will manage the facility. USA Pools will manage the facility.

Photos of the Columbus Aquatic Center can be viewed here.

The New Recycling Center and Drop Locations

Three new collection points will be available for citizens to drop off recyclables.  The sites will be open  24 hours, 7 days a week and will accept glass, paper, plastic, metal/aluminum, and cardboard. The drop off points will be at the Welcome Center off Williams Road, Cooper Creek Park, and Sacerdote Lane off Schatulga Road.  The current recycling facility located off of Victory Drive 25,  22nd Ave is still available and is the only site that accepts all recyclables including electronics.  


Currently cardboard isn't accepted curbside, therefore citizens are encouraged to bring their cardboard to one of the sites listed.  For very large bundles of card board we ask that you go to the City's recycling warehouse at 25, 22nd Ave., across from the Dolly Madison Bakery and behind the Summit service station.


Columbus's new Recycling and Sustainability Center is set to open October 2.  It will include meeting and classroom space, educational stations throughout the complex, interactive exhibits, and displays on sustainability through recycling, alternative energy efficiency and water efficiency. At the new facility, unsorted material will come in on trucks and dumped onto the concrete floor at one end of a massive room. A "skid steer" (small earth mover like a Bobcat) will push the material onto a conveyor belt that will carry it to different stations where it will be separated mechanically and manually. Eventually, it will be sorted into several large bays and then dumped into a large baler that will create bales to be sold. Glass will be picked up curbside and handled separately. Glass will be put in separate bins on the trucks and diverted from the recycling center.

Recycling Center
Columbus, Georgia A Runner Friendly Community

"Fourth Quarter Runner Friendly Communities Named"

By: Jean Knaack

Article reprinted from "Club Running" Spring/Summer 2013 Issue.


The Road Runners Club of America announced the 4th Quarter round of 2012 selections for designations as a Runner Friendly Community: Eugene, OR; Peachtree City, GA; and Columbus, Ga.


The communities have shown that they meet the program's criteria, which includes community infrastructure, community support, and local government support for running. Each community has an infrastructure that can foster physical activity in a safe environment; a proven track record that organizations and businesses work together to promote running as a healthy exercise and sport; and positive relationships between the running community and local government.


 "In November 2010, the Soldier Marathon and Half Marathon was established with assistance from the Columbus Road Runners. To make the Soldier Marathon a reality it took the cooperation of the Army, military police, the Columbus police department, the Mayor's office, the Columbus City Council, Columbus Parks & Recreation, local sponsors, and more," explained Teresa Pike Tomlinson, Mayor of Columbus.


"Our soldiers, leaders, and Department of Army Civilians, as well as their families, enjoy and are proud to participate in events that promote healthy and physically fit lifestyles for all," explained Robert Brown, Major General, U.S. Army, Commanding General, Fort Benning, GA. "I am in full support of the city of Columbus, GA to be nationally designated as a Runner Friendly Community."


Columbus is the third- largest city in the state of Georgia, and was ranked #4 on the 100 Best U.S. Cities to Live In by Best Life magazine. Physical fitness is important to the community, and the Mayor's office and Columbus city government proclaimed Columbus a "Live Healthy City." There are numerous parks that include fitness and running trails over a mile long. The Fall Line Trace is a Rails-to-Trails Project that is 10.5 miles long from point-to-point. Flat Rock Park has multiple trails for running and mountain biking and is adjacent to the 9.3-mile mark on Fall Line Trace. There are 22 miles of asphalt roads from Columbus to Fort Benning along the Chattahoochee River. Bathrooms, water fountains, and Safe Street crossings are stationed along the route. There are light poles every 30 yards along the entire route, which allows for night training to get runners out of the humid summer heat.


Live Healthy Columbus is a nonprofit organization based at Columbus Regional Hospital. Strong4Life, a division of Live Healthy Columbus, donated $3,000 to the Columbus Roadrunners to launch the Kids Run Columbus program. The program is designed to help the kids participating in the Kids Soldier Marathon and Half Marathon reach their mileage goal by the Soldier Marathon held in November. The Kids Run Columbus program works with the Park and Recreation Department's After-School Program at Midland Academy Elementary & Middle School. This program is modeled after the RRCA's Kids Run the Nation program. AFLAC promotes the Columbus Roadrunners Couch to 5K programs on the company's intranet and is the major sponsor of the Columbus Roadrunners. Fountain City Coffee, Big Dog Running Company, and Below the Knee are runner-friendly businesses that allow bathroom access, beverages, phone access, and safe shelter during bad weather. Fort Benning, GA the largest U.S. Army Base in the U.S., hosts numerous events that are open to the public.

CCG Couch To 5K

As part of the employee health initiative, CCG has joined up with local non-profit organization, the Columbus Roadrunners, to start up a CCG Couch to 5K program. Often, people want to run, but don't know where to start. The Couch To 5K program is designed so anyone, regardless of their level of experience, can train.

The CCG Couch to 5K program kicked off on National Running Day, June 5th, in front of Big Dog Running Company with a turnout of over 20 participants. The introduction of the program came not too long after Columbus, GA received national recognition from the Roadrunners Club of America as one of the most "Runner Friendly Communities" and after hosting the popular race, Color Me Rad, where runners raced through blasts of color.

The training program is free to all participants and comes with many perks including discounts at Big Dog Running Company and a discount on the Rotary Park race in the Summer Series. While it is not necessary to participate in a race, it does give participants something to work up to and hold them accountable to their training. Even if runners choose not to do the Rotary Park race, the program encourages a more active lifestyle and a joy of running. Run happy, Columbus!


The Public Works Director's Award Goes To... 

The Director's Award is awarded at the Director's discretion in the form of a certificate and a coffee mug to outstanding employees who contribute to special projects.  Award Photos  

  • Deborah Abraham 
  • Andrew Edwards
  • Peggy Baltzell
  • Elaine Brown
  • Marvin Coverson
  • Marvin Hopkins
  • Billy Lee
  • Tom King
  • Brian Nelson
  • Gary Hoover
  • John Sams
  • Henry Brooks
  • Greg Underwood
  • Chris Heath
  • Jabez Davis
  • Terrance Mahone
  • Frank Walker
  • Mark McMurphy
  • Barry Alexander
  • Harold Walker
  • Paul Huston
  • Kareem Gibson
  • Andre Scott
  • Tavaris Lake
  • Nick Bell
  • Johnny Mosley

Meet Someone You Helped: Tequana
Tequana, a senior at Jordan High School, has been
attending Open Door Community House since she was 5 years old. During her later elementary years, she participated in the Open Door Summer Academy's first annual basketball camp, and she developed an interest in basketball. She is member of her high school band, J.R.O.T.C. program, and was a starter on the Jordan High School basketball team. Being a part of the Mathews Promise Academy's afterschool and summer programs has helped her build new relationships with her classmates and has given her confidence in herself and her abilities. Tequana will be Mathews Promise Academy's first participant, from kindergarten to high school, to graduate from high school and possibly go to college. She is an A/B student and will graduate this May. She plans to attend Columbus State University.

Adopt-a-Spot Program 

Adopt a Spot The ADOPT- A -SPOT Program is a volunteer program which enables individuals, families, civic clubs, garden clubs, businesses, churches, and other organizations to maintain and beautify the City's Public Right Of Way.


Volunteers perform routine maintained such as mowing, weeding, litter removal, landscape plantings, painting, and in some cases minor repairs. You may also choose to donate funds to help pay for maintenance.


The maintenance that you will be asked to do depends on the area you choose to adopt.   Some areas may need planting and weeding so they do not become overgrown. You may also have your own idea of what you would like to do and we can assist you in making that happen.


The best way to find a property to adopt is to look out your window and see if there is a spot you would like to maintain near your home. If you take regular walks, you may see a place that you go by that is just begging for some attention. If you do not see a location that you like, the Public Works department staff can match your time and talents to a location from their list of properties available for adoption.


In recognition of your efforts, the City will place a sign with your name at the adopted site. A city representative will give an orientation before you start work. Caretakers who do not wish to be recognized may remain anonymous.


To be considered as a participant in the Adopt-a-Spot Program, complete the application and e-mail to: adoptaspot@columbusga.org, or mail the application to Public Works 602 11th Ave. Columbus, Georgia 31901. Thank you for your interest in the City of Columbus Adopt- a- Spot Program.


Available Locations:

  • Wildwood Ave. @ 17th Street
  • 17th Street @ 18th Ave.
  • 13th Street and 13th Ave.
  • Wynnton Rd @ Buena Vista Rd.
  • Dixon Dr.
  • 17th Ave @ Slade Dr.
  • 13th Street @ 18th Ave.
  • Forest Ave @ Wynnton Rd.
  • 28th Ave @ N Lumpkin Rd.

Pet Corner 

July 15, 2013 is National Pet Fire Safety Day


Tips to Keep Pets Safe 


Pet Proof the Home - Take a walk around your home and look for areas where pets might start fires inadvertently, such as the stove knobs, loose wires and other potential hazards.


Secure Young Pets - Especially with young puppies, keep them confined away from spaces where they can get trapped, especially if there are any potential fire hazards when you are away from home, for example, knocking over a hot lamp onto a dry carpet.


Extinguish Open Flames - Pets are naturally curious and will investigate almost anything that has a scent. This includes your oven, a candle, and even your fireplace. Do not leave pets unattended around open flames and make sure to properly extinguish fires before leaving your home.


Have an escape route and plan - Keep collars and leashes near your front or back door (whichever you use more frequently or even at both) in case you have to evacuate quickly with your pet or firefighters need to rescue your pet.


Affix a Pet Alert Window Sticker - Write down the number of pets inside your house and attach the sticker to a front window where it can be easily found by emergency responders. This critical information saves rescuers time when locating your pets. You can obtain a free window cling by going to www.adt.com/pets, or from the AKC (www.akc.org ) and the ASPCA (www.aspca.org).


Since Pets Left Alone Can't Escape a Burning Home - Consider using monitored smoke detectors that are connected to an emergency response center with people on hand who can call the fire department in your absence.

Keep Your Information Updated -
Firefighters are familiar with pet alert window stickers so keep the number of pets listed on them updated. Knowing the accurate number of pets in the house aids rescuers in finding all of your pets.

  The information above was provided by Cesar's Way.

For more information, please visit the link below



Remember: **CCG employees may adopt for FREE at the Columbus Animal Care & Control Center** ($50 charge for spay/neuter voucher applies)
Healthy Recipes

Local blueberries will soon be ready to pick. Find a local farm to pick fresh blueberries and enjoy these two low fat recipes.


Double Blueberry Pie  

6 oz Reduced Fat Cream Cheese, softened

2 Tbsp Fat-free Milk

½ tsp Lemon Extract

1 Reduced Fat Graham Cracker Pie Crust

2 Tbsp Cornstarch

¼ Cup Water

1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

4 Cups Fresh Blueberries, divided

½ Cup Splenda or other sugar substitute


In a small mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese, milk and extract until smooth, spread onto bottom of pie crust. In a saucepan, combine the cornstarch, water and lemon juice until smooth. Mash 2 cups blueberries and add to the pan. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 1-2 minutes or until thickened. Remove from heat; cool for 15 minutes. Stir in sugar substitute. Spoon over cream cheese mixture. Top with remaining blueberries. Refrigerate for 3 hours or until set. Top with low fat vanilla ice cream, frozen yogurt, or reduced fat whipped topping.


Healthy Blueberry Smoothie 


½ Cup Fat free Milk, Soy or Almond Milk

½ Cup Low fat Plain Yogurt

1 Cup Fresh Blueberries

1 tsp Honey

½ Cup Ice


Blend together until smooth, pour into glass. Enjoy!



Healthy Food Quiz

What is your nutritional IQ?

Getting the facts about food can help you lose weight!!


Test your Food IQ and Enter in for a Chance to Win a $5 gift card to Subway! All questions have to be correct to be eligible for the drawing. Please send answers to humanresourcesdepartment@columbusga.org by August 12, 2013.    

CCG Employees Only

(All questions have to be correct to be eligible for the drawing.)


1.Nibbling on chocolate may actually be healthy.    

a. True  b. False


2. Exercise makes it harder to lose weight because it adds muscle

a. True  b. False

3. Your hair is the only part of your body that doesn't need fat.   

a. True  b. False

4. How much have obesity rates in kids grown since 1980?  

a. by 10%  b.Double   c. Tripled 


5. Can you inherit high cholesterol?  

a. Yes  b. No

May/June's 2013 Health Foods Quiz Winner- Emily Davenport of Columbus Fire & Emergency Medical Services Answers to the May/June 2013 Healthy Foods Quiz- 1.A; 2.B: 3.A; 4.A; 5.A
Upcoming Community Events
July/August 2013


TNA Wrestling: Impact Wrestling Live 

July 26 - 7:30 pm

Current TNA World Heavyweight Champion BULLY RAY leads the list of IMPACT WRESTLING Superstars, along with "The Charismatic Enigma" JEFF HARDY, Olympic Gold Medalist KURT ANGLE, "The Cowboy" JAMES STORM, "The IT Factor" BOBBY ROODE, TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James and many more.

Columbus Civic Center

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit





Come "Get the Scoop" on Extension! 

August 1 - 10 am to 2 pm

Join us for an Ice Cream Social  at the UGA Cooperative Extension Department in the Annex and learn about all of the services we provide. Did you know that Cooperative Extension provides youth development programs for kids from 9-19 years old? In the 2012-13 school years, Cooperative Extension taught life-skills lessons monthly for over 1000 4-H participants. 4-H participants have the opportunity to attend environmental educational camps and participate in state-wide leadership opportunities.

Your Extension office trains valuable Master Gardener volunteers, providing over $70,000 worth of donated time to environmental education causes in our community just last year. We also offer soil and water testing services through the University of Georgia Soil Plant and Water lab.

We also provide nutrition education courses for hundreds of families in our city, helping them make the most of their food dollars. Cooperative Extension educates families on parenting resources through home-visiting programs designed to help every child get a "Great Start" in life.

For more information on how we can serve you, give us a call at (706) 653-4200 and let us know if you can drop by on August 1 and enjoy a summertime treat with us!   

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