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May 2012
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New Hires, Promotions, & Retirees
10 Yr Plan to End Homelessness
Employee Recognition
Juvenile Drug Court Program Changes Lives
Animal Center Renamed
Women's History Celebration
CCG Corporate Tennis Team
Distracted Driving
Healthy Recipe
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Walk with Me
This is an invitation to anyone who would like to form a team to participate in the Walk With Me event for Easter Seals in June. More information can be found below of by going to
. This information is also available on CCG's Employee Bulletin Board to be shared with other departments who may wish to participate as well.

Welcome and Congrats to Our New Hires, Promotions, & Retirees
March 2012New Hires

City Attorney

Marcia L Smith


Clerk of Superior Court

Carol Mathis


Cooperative Extension

Eboni M Brown

Larabeth Huffmaster

Nicole Copeland

Lisa Parsons-Smith

Notoya Scott

Mary Williams


District Attorney

Jennifer Dunlap

Adam King


Information Technology

Christopher Grier



Annetta Finch


Parks & Recreation

Harvey Newman

Cori Barber

Derrick Bartlett

Shirley Harrell

Steven Owens

Tatjana Quarles

Chauncey Thomas

Santaria Allen

Antonio Bailey

Delinda McCallister

Monica Sheffield



Verona Campbell

Diane M Edwards


Police Department

Miguel A Canchon

Jessica L Runowski

Traci Rushing

Eric Bryant

Melissa Dahnke

David Duckworth

Larry Marshall


Public Services

Shane McGuigan

Patricia Pierce

Christopher Dean

Maria Cespedes


Sheriff's Office

Seth Taylor

Sabrenna D Thomas



Lorenzo Nathan

Elijah Pitts



Parks & Recreations

Shaola Terrell
Recreation Program
Specialist II


Public Services

Bradley Plock
Equipment Operator III

Cedric Slappy
Equipment Operator III

Orbe Smith  
Equipment Operator III


Sheriff's Office

Carolyn M Baker
Deputy Sheriff

Edwin L Hill
Deputy Sheriff Tech

Stevens McClellan
Deputy Sheriff

John Thomas
Sergeant BD

Stephanie K Willis
Deputy Sheriff



Columbus Convention &
Trade Center

Loren "Larry" D. Campbell

Executive Director

23 Years


Police Department

Eloise Spratling

Emergency Communication
Tech III

20 Years




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Newsletter Staff

Vickie Armstrong

Norma Ausburn

Sherry Garcia

Jackie Goodwin 

Reather Hollowell

Rosana Juestel

Donnie Kent

Jenni McDonald

Sheila Risper

Jenny Teague

Sofia White


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10 Yr Plan to End Homelessness

United Way Partners With City To Name Executive Director for Plan  

United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley, in partnership with the city of

Christie Bevis, Executive Director for the 10-year Plan to End Homelessness

Columbus, appoints Christie Bevis as the executive director for the 10-year Plan to End Homelessness. To accomplish the 10-year Plan to End Homelessness, the city of Columbus's task force on homelessness was established and Columbus State University's Cunningham Center for Leadership Development was commissioned to prepare the plan.


On any given day, there are more than 1500 people experiencing homelessness in Columbus. The goal of the 10-year plan is to make homelessness atypical, temporary and non-recurring. The plan provides the framework for accomplishing these ambitious goals by identifying the high level actions or system change needed to facilitate increased access to housing, economic security, health and stability for our community members facing homelessness.


"We can't end homelessness over night, but I am confident with Christie's leadership, the plan will be successful and move the city of Columbus in the right direction," said Scott Ferguson, president and CEO of United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley. "It's very rewarding to work with individuals who have dedicated their time and talents to our most vulnerable citizens with the prospect of producing real and lasting change."


Christie has over ten years experience within the non-profit sector, with an extensive background in program management and community relations development inclusive of work at the national, state and community levels.   Previously, Christie worked with the Georgia Teaching Fellows as the senior program operations manager, and also served as senior program associate for the Vera Institute of Justice in Washington, DC. She began her work in the public arena in 1997 as a graduate assistant for Mississippi State University's Sexual Assault Services. Upon leaving MSU, she became an executive director for a local rape crisis center and then went on to serve as Program Specialist for the Tennessee Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Her experience also includes working as executive director for the Northwest Alabama Community Health Association, a nonprofit, health care facility for the working uninsured.


"There is a lot to be said about the leadership and commitment by the city of Columbus to adopt the plan for the betterment of the entire community," said Christie Bevis, executive director for the 10-year Plan to End Homelessness. "To ensure the success of the plan, it will take the community coming together as a whole. I look forward to working with the homeless service providers, city officials, church and civic leaders and allied stakeholders as we work to end homelessness in our community."


The city asked the United Way to house the 10-year Plan to End Homelessness, as it grows into either a standalone organization or becomes part of another nonprofit, because of the reputation of accountability, transparency and integrity. The city of Columbus City Council committed to three years of funding that was matched by the Columbus Regional Foundation, St. Francis Foundation and Bradley- Turner Foundation.  The project is currently overseen by a steering committee led by Chair Len Williams with members Amy Carbajal, Betsy Covington, Larry DiChiara, Liz Dillard, Scott Ferguson, Jennifer St. John, Rick McKnight and Shana Young.


Employee Recognitionlogo



Juvenile Drug Court Program Changes Lives

Diane Pittman gives high praise to the drug court program stating "it saved his life (her grandson) as a young person." The program also helped her grandson find a job who graduated from the program in 2009.


Since involvement with the drug court, Ms. Pittman has been advocating for adolescent treatment and recovery. She was 1 in 5 parents selected nationally to present at the 2012 Joint Meeting on Adolescent Treatment International Conference sponsored by SAMSHA representing the Columbus Muscogee County Juvenile Drug Court. The presentation was facilitated by Laurie Dhue, CNN reporter and recovery advocate in front of 1200 conference attendees.


The Muscogee County Juvenile Drug Court allows youths, whose nonviolent behavior landed them in juvenile court, to fight drug and alcohol problems while clearing their criminal records. Mary Bode, Program Director, said this is an alternative to probation or incarceration. Judge Warner Kennon, presiding judge of juvenile court and drug court judge, has been the leader of the drug court team and has provided intensive judicial oversight of approximately 100 youth annually. To date, 293 youth have successfully graduated from the program since it's inception in 2001.


Animal Center Renamed

Francis K. Steed Animal Center

Upon entering the Animal Center at 4910 Milgen Road, you are greeted by a portrait of Francis K. Steed accompanied by her two dogs. The portrait depicts her caring and genuine concern for the animals she worked with. The center was opened in January 2009, and coworkers express how fitting it was for the center to be dedicated to Francis K. Steed. They refer to her passion for the underdog----for the animals that no one wanted. Drale Short, Division Manager, referred to Ms. Steed as Dr. Doolittle because she had a natural gift of communicating with the animals.  


Animal Center 
Francis K. Steed

Francis Steed began working part time Nov. 15, 1986 when

the state relinquished the responsibility of animal control to the city. She was quickly promoted to full-time and Shelter Supervisor on October 1, 1988 as a result of her experience and abilities with the animals. She passed away August 25, 2011, having devoted 26 years to her efforts. Fortunately, she was able to witness a greater emphasis on animal care through the years.

Women's History Celebrationlogo

By Vickie Armstrong,

CCG Insight Writer

The City of Columbus celebrated Women's History on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. The title of the event was "It's All About U." While realizing U = you, it could also represent Understanding, Uniting and Uplifting.


Understanding Women's History


President Jimmy Carter's proclamation declared March 2 - March 8, 1980 National Women's History Week. In 1987, Congress declared March National Women's History Month.


Mayor Tomlinson highlighted legal issues, which women have encountered. Women were historically considered incompetent and untrustworthy, and the Mayor stressed, "We've come a long way, but we can't take it for granted."


Dr. Karen Stuart, OB/GYN presented health facts. She emphasized that doctors have less interaction time with patients due to technology and increased caseloads. Therefore, it's more important than ever for patients to participate in their own health. This can be done by listing complaints and conducting research prior to the visit. As a result, the patient can be better prepared to ask questions.


Saundra Hunter, Director of Metra Transit, encouraged women to develop a "ME" story because sometimes by being so focused on the needs of others, too little attention is paid to self.


Uniting and Uplifting Women


Attendants were appreciative of this opportunity to network while learning. Often, women from different departments are too busy for interaction other than that of city business. The stated purpose of this gathering was to encourage and strengthen each other. It was a tremendous success.


CCG Corporate Tennis Team

The Columbus Regional Tennis Association (CORTA) is hosting its Annual Corporate Tennis League from April 4- May 23. Watch your fellow CCG Corporate Tennis team members play: David Arrington- City Manager's Office, Nancy Boren- Elections & Registration, Juan DelToro - Engineering, Kim Hoffman - District Attorney's Office, Rosana Juestal - Planning, Donny Kent - Information Technology, Suzanne Kraus- State Court, Max Patrick- Tax Commissioner's Office, Carlos Tavera - Public Services, Sofia White- Human Resources; other players - Patricia Spenard and Peter Hoffman.


Matches are played each Wednesday at 6 PM at Cooper Creek Tennis Center. There are 21 Business/Organizational teams this year. This league emphasizes fun, fitness and the social benefits of playing tennis with co-workers in a team setting.

Participating Business/Organizations are; Aflac, B&B Beverage, Carmike Cinemas, Columbus Consolidated Government, Columbus Regional, GA Power, GA State Employees, GRP Farms, IHOP, Macon Road Vet, Merrill Lynch, Synovus, and TSYS.


More Photos 

Distracted Driving
Learn 3 Different Types of Distraction and Guidelines to Respond

Distracted driving is an activity that could divert attention away from driving. All distractions endanger driver, passenger and bystander safety. There are three main types of distraction: MANUAL - taking your hands off the wheel; VISUAL - taking your eyes off the road; and COGNITIVE - taking your mind off driving. This includes texting; using cell phone; eating and drinking; talking to passengers; grooming; reading, including maps; using a navigation system; watching a video; adjusting a radio, a CD player or a MP3 player.


Because text messaging requires visual, manual and cognitive attention, it is the most alarming distracting. Cell phone use while driving contributes to roughly 100,000 accidents and thousands of fatalities each year. Sending or receiving a text takes a driver's eyes from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, the equivalent of driving blind (at 55 mph) the length of an entire football field. Drivers using cell phones miss half of the information in their driving environment, such as relevant objects, visual cues, exits, traffic signals and stop signs.   Using a cell phone has the same reaction speed as a driver with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent, the legal limit for drunk driving.


Use the following guidelines if you are tempted to respond to any text or call. Turn your phone on silent so you are not tempted to respond to any text or call. Keep your phone in your trunk or glove compartment while driving. If you need to make a call or send a text, pull over to a safe location and put your car in park. 

Healthy Recipe
20-Minute Skillet Salmon  
20-Minute Skillet Salmon

4 salmon fillets (l lb)

1 cup fat-free milk

1/2 cup of reduced fat cream cheese

2 cups chopped cucumbers

2 tsp dill


Heat large skillet sprayed with cooking spray on medium-high heat. Add fish; cook 5 minutes on each side or until fish flakes easily with fork. Remove from skillet and cover to keep warm. Add milk and reduced fat cream cheese to skillet; cook and stir until cream cheese is melted and mixture well blended. Stir in cucumbers and dill. Return fish to skillet. Cook 2 minutes or until heated. Serve over long-grain white rice; top with cream cheese sauce. PER SERVING: 360 calories; 13g fat; 80mg cholesterol; 25g carbs; 28g protein; 220 mg sodium. DIET EXCHANGE: 2 starch + 3 meat (L) + 1 fat.



Upcoming Community Events
Alan Jackson 

May 5 - 7:30 pm
Live Nation presents Alan Jackson at the Columbus Civic Center with special guest Lauren Alaina (American Idol).

Columbus Civic Center

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit 


Spring Open House and Sale

May 5 - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Britt David Studio

Cultural Arts will be hosting the annual "Spring Open House and Sale" at Britt David Studio.

Britt David Studio. There will be over 30 Artist selling local, hand-made artwork for our membership programs in pottery, glass bead, glass fusing and slumping, and Photography. Art work will be for sale through the end of May. Free refreshments will be served.

For more information, call Lisa Castile at 706-653-4196.


Columbus Lions Arena Football Game

vs. Albany Panthers

May 6 - 7:30 pm

Columbus Civic Center

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit


Higher Learning Expo

May 15 - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Northside Recreation Center

Colleges and Universities from near and far will be present to talk with you about attending college.

For more information, please call Vickey Williams at 706-576-5475 or 706-324-4294


Vince Gill

May 12 - 8:00 pm  Renown country singer, songwriter, guitarist Vince Gill comes to the Columbus Civic Center.

Columbus Civic Center

For more information, call 706-653-4482 or visit

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