Applications, Permits and Forms

Commercial Plan Review Permitting & Occupancy Process Flowchart
Application for a Certificate of Occupancy
Application for Electrical PermitM
Application for Gas Piping Permit
Application for Miscellaneous Building Permit
Application for Miscellaneous Building Permit Moving
Application for Miscellaneous Mechanical Permit
Application for Miscellaneous Sign Permit
Application for Plumbing Permit
Board of Zoning Appeals
Authorized Permit Agent Form
Commercial Plan Review Checklist (New Construction & Additions)
Commercial Plan Review Checklist (Alterations)
Modular Building Checklist Checklist
Residential Plan Review Checklist
Schedule of Permit Fees
Application for Building Permit
Permit Affidavit
Owner - Occupant Permit Affidavit
Owner - Occupant of Single Family Residence Permit Affidavit
Demolition Process
Credit Card Forms
Example of a Floor plan
Swimming Pool Statement of Intent
Request for Construction Power
Required Items for Building Permits, Residential Construction - Commercial Construction
Residential Tree Plan Application
Residental Energy Code Certificate
Residental Energy Code Affidavit I
Residental Energy Code Affidavit II
Example of a Site Plan
Site Plan Requirements
Schedule of Permit Fees

Current Adopted Codes with Amendments

Revised: November 16, 2016
Established December 2002