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Sheila Risper
Employee Services Manager

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The CCG offers a variety of insurance opportunities to it's employee and their dependents. All regular full-time employees become eligible for coverage after they have been employed for 30 days. Open enrollment is conducted on an annual basis and allows employees to make changes to their insurance plans at that time. Employees may make changes to insurance due to a Qualifying Life Event.

Blue Choice
Healthcare HMO
Blue Open Access
Blue Open Access POS
Health & Wellness Center
In-Network Only
In-Network Only
Calendar Year Deductible          
Individual $200 $300 $300 $100 $300
Family $400 $600 $600 $200 $600
Out of Pocket Max.          
Individual $1,000 $2,000 $4,000 $1,000 $4,000
Family $2,000 $4,000 $8,000 $2,000 $8,000
Office Visit Copay          
Primary $20 $20 40% coinsurance $50 (free at HWC) 40% after deductible
Specialist $30 $30 40% coinsurance $20 (with HWC referral) 40% after deductible
Hospital/Inpatient 10% 20% 40% 10% 40%
Emergency Room Services
(waived if admitted)
$150 Copay $150 Copay $150 Copay $150 Copay $150 Copay
Urgent Care $30 Copay $30 Copay $30 Copay $30 Copay $30 Copay

Biweekly Medical Premium
Blue Choice Healthcare
Blue Open Access
Blue Open Access POS
Health & Wellness Center
Employee $42.00 $48.00 $42.00
Employee + Spouse $90.00 $102.00 $90.00
Employee + Spouse w/surcharge $113.07 $125.07 $113.07
Employee + Children $96.00 $108.00 $96.00
Family #102.00 $114.00 $102.00
Family + Surcharge $125.07 $137.07 $125.07
  Prescription Drugs Express Scripts ( All plans )  
Generic  $15 Copay
Brand  $35 Copay
Non Formulary  $55 Copay
  ( 30 day supply )  
Generic  $30 Copay
Brand  $70 Copay
Non Formulary $110 Copay
   ( 90 day supply )  
Note: The Health and Wellness Center plan has some prescriptions for free.
  Dental - Blue Cross Blue Shield  
  LOW Plan HIGH Plan
   Individual $50 $50
   Family $150 $150
   Preventative 100% ( no deductible ) 100% (no deductible )
   Basic 70% after deductible 80% after deductible
   Major 40% after deductible 50% after deductible
Annual Maximum    
   Per Participant $1,000 $1,500
Orthodontia Benefit N/A 50% after deductible
Lifetime Max $1,500

Biweekly Dental Premium Low Plan High Plan
Employee $8.53 $13.13
Employee + Spouse $17.06 $29.07
Employee + Children $16.21 $30.19
Family $25.60 $46.60
Dental deductions will be made over 24 pay periods.

  Blue View Vision - Blue Cross Blue Shield In-Network  
Eye Exam 100% coverage after $10 copayment (covers one exam per calendar year)
Eyeglass Lens 100% after $10 copayment -Single, Bifocal, Trifocal (Includes factory scratch coating)
Eyeglass Frames $130 retail allowance, then 20% off balance
Contact Lenses  
   Conventional $130 retail allowance, then 15% off balance
   Non-Elective 100% coverage
In network locations include Lens Crafters and JC Penny as well as a network of independent optical providers. visit www.bcbsga.com and search Blue View Vision for participating projects.
Biweekly Vision Premium
Employee $3.29
Employee + Spouse $5.74
Employee + Children $6.24
Family $9.52
Vision deductions will be made over 24 pay periods.

  FLEXIBLE  Spending Accounts (FSAs)  

Health Care FSA $2,500 per year.

Dependent Care FSA $5,000 if single, or married filing a joint return; or $2,500 if married and filing separately.


As a valued City employee, you and your family have access to the EAP, at no cost to you. Through the Pastoral Institute, you and your family members can obtain a range of services, including confidential counseling, information, and personalized referrals to help you through difficult times or stressful situations.

The Pastorial Institute
Columbus Consolidated Government

Basic Life/AD&D
As an eligible employee, the City automatically provides you with a life insurance benefit 1.5 times your annual base salary (rounded up to the nearest $1,000) up to a $250,000 maximum benefit. You also receive an equal amount of accidental death and dismemberment protection.

Supplemental Life
  • Supplemental increments of $10,000 up to a benefit maximum of $500,000
  • Newly hired employees are guaranteed coverage up to the lesser of $210,000 or 3 times your annual basic earnings (no Evidence of Good Health is required)
  • Current participants are allowed a $10,000 increase to their 2013 supplemental life insurance amount on a guaranteed basis at annual enrollment provided your supplemental life insurance benefit does not exceed the lesser of $210,000 or 3 times annual basic earnings.
Spouse/Dependent Life Insurance

Employees also have the option of Spouse and Dependent Life Insurance; these dependents can get up to $10,000 each in coverage. Additional amounts purchased during annual enrollment per year will be subject to Evidence of Good Health. During the annual enrollment period, if you are currently enrolled for spouse coverage, you can increase coverage for your spouse by one $2,000 increment without providing evidence of insurability. If you are electing spouse coverage for the first time, you can elect coverage for your spouse in the amount of $2,000 without providing evidence of insurability during the annual enrollment period.

An Equal Opportunity Employer  and complies with the  Civil Rights Act of 1964
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