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June 17, 2015  
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GIS - QPublic video Tutorial

Learn how to use the Tax Assessor's new Property database on Search Property Records by owner or address. View tax maps and information on layers. New tools. More information available than ever before.

          QPublic Property Information Video tutorial 

GIS - Address validation e-tool

The GIS Division is responsible for assigning new addresses, researching inquiries regarding address discrepancies and correcting addresses that are found to be invalid. It is the policy of the Geographic Information Systems Division to assign official property addresses in a manner that enhances the safety of our citizens and provides the greatest efficiency for citizens receiving city services. You can use our Address Validation e-tool to ensure that your address is in the City's official address database.
Address Verification link

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GIS Day Presentations

The (new) GIS Toolkit - by Randall Hale

Big Data for Small Churches
Knowing your Neighbors
  - by Chuck Slater MissionInSit


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  Mission Statement

The G.I.S division  maintains an organized collection of computer hardware, software, and geographic data designed to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze and display all forms of geographically referenced information. This information is essential to maintaining public service, public safety, comprehensive planning and taxation efforts through out the city.

Geographic  Information  Systems

This division provides a comprehensive range of geographic information and mapping for city departments.  GIS provides a platform for land, facilities, and infrastructure management that complements graphic and relational data service.



New aerial photographs were added to the Property Database in 2007. To view these photographs, click on the above Interactive Maps link and Launch the Free Standard Viewer. Click on the camera icon at the top next to the printer icon.


As Columbus continues to develop, the construction of new streets requires new street names. The naming of a street may appear minor in the issues of growth in the City; however, it is an important task in maintaining safety, efficiency and simplicity in today's highly mobile society. Over time, certain words have become over used in the naming of our streets and should not be used in the names of new streets.   - click to view names -

Frequently  Asked  Questions
Q: How do I get a copy of a map or aerial of the city?
  In order to obtain map/aerial copies, you can either come to the engineering department in person or call in your request.  There is a cost involved, which must be paid in advance if the order is taken over the phone.  We also take credit cards.  You can fax a signed credit card form to (706) 653-4439 and we will process your request.
Q: What is required in order to assign new addresses?

In order to assign an address, we must first receive a plat.  Plats should be submitted to the Department of Engineering.  Within 3 to 4 days of receiving a plat, we can have an address assigned and an address assignment letter will be mailed to the owner.  An address assignment letter notifies the property owner of the new address.

Q: Why doesn't the address on my tax bill match my street address?
  The tax assessor maintains a database for all the residents of Columbus.  Perhaps there is a discrepancy between their database and your street address.  If you contact the GIS division, we will help to solve the problem.  Here in GIS we assign addresses and correct addressing problems.
Q: Why did I receive an address correction letter?
  Your address needed to be corrected in order to conform with Subdivision Rules and Regulations and also to expedite Public Safety. The GIS division and Public Safety are working together in order to improve 911 response time by correcting addresses.
Q: What can I do to help GIS and E911 improve public safety for my tenants?
  If you are a property owner of a duplex or fourplex with separate addresses please notify the GIS division.  Your properties may not be in the Public Safety dispatcher database, which could DELAY 911 RESPONSE TIME
Q: How can I tell what my property is zoned for?
  Using the GIS Web Portal it is possible to check the zoning on your properties. Begin by locating your property and then activate the layer by launching the layers window and turn the Zoning layer, this will allow you to view the zoning for your property. If you should experience difficulty using this function please dial (706) 653-4437 and someone will be available to assist you.
Q: None of these answers my questions - how can I get help?
  If you have a question not answered by our FAQ, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Our phone number is:
(706)653-4437 (8am - 5pm Monday - Friday)
Or send us an email at: GIS Division - Customer Service
map  pricing
Parcel Map 8.5"x11" $7 - overlays included
Parcel Map 11"x17" $7 - overlays included
Tax Map 42"x34" E size Black & White $15 - overlays included
Tax Map 42"x34" E size color $35 - overlays included
GIS Data

Data on CD Only
$210 for tax parcel data Personal Geodatabase format only

+ $200 for each additional layer i.e. zoning, land use, topography, streets, etc. (Excludes 2013 Aerial photography)

2004 Aerial Photography $10/tile approx 200 tiles
Data on CD or DVD Only
Full Map Set Adobe® PDF

$210 - includes tax maps with zoning updated quarterly

+$200 for each additional layer overlay Aerial and Topography

Map/Data Customization $65/hr. 2hrs. minimum
Faxing per page $2
Shipping & Handling Included in map fee - regular mail only
GIS Website Subscription

Professional level access
- $40/month or $400/year

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