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All Property Forms have been posted on our FORMS webpage.
Forms consist of Real Property, Personal Property, Marine, Aircraft and Freeport Forms. Please contact our office for more information (706) 653-4398.

Tyler Technologies, in phase three of their contract with the city, mailed a form to citizens to verify that the Tax Assessors' records are correct. This is a part of the review of all taxable properties within the County, which was approved by Council in November of 2014.  Here is a copy of that form.

COUNTYWIDE PUBLIC NOTICE (1): As part of a project approved by Council in November 2014, the Muscogee County Tax Assessors' Office has issued a Building Information card to all property owners. Muscogee County has contracted with Tyler Technologies, Inc. appraisal services to conduct a complete reappraisal of all properties in Muscogee County for tax year 2017. If your property information is incorrect, please make the necessary corrections and mail the Building Information card back to the Tax Assessors' Office by May 9, 2016. The information you provide will be compared to the Tax Assessor data. If changes are warranted you may receive a phone call from a Tyler Technologies staff member. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office and speak with a Tyler Technologies staff member regarding this matter.

COUNTYWIDE PUBLIC NOTICE (2): The next phase of the Muscogee County Imaging and Data Collection Project has commenced and will continue through the first part of 2017. Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 48-5-264.1(a) this serves as a countywide notification that a member of the Appraisal Team may be in your area to complete this part of the Review of all properties. - click here for more information -

  The Tax Assessors' office operates under a five-member Board which is appointed by Council and is responsible for compiling the annual Tax Digest, which now approaches $12.5 billion. Our office is also responsible for valuing over 70,000 real estate parcels and over 10,000 personal property accounts.

  There are four divisions within the department: (1) Residential - responsible for appraising houses and large acreage; (2) Commercial - responsible for commercial and industrial properties and apartments; (3) Personal - responsible for appraising all business assets, boats and airplanes; (4) Administrative - maintains current real property ownership records, supports other divisions with data entry and acts as liaison to IT as well as providing customer service in the office.     - Department Organization Chart -

  Beginning in 2011 all taxable Real Properties receives an Annual Tax Notice. The notices are usually mailed in June and the initial appeal period lasts for forty five days. Only Personal Property owners who have a change of value resulting from their return will receive an Annual Tax Notice. Those notices are mailed in May/June and also have an initial appeal period that lasts forty five days.

  The month of July is usually filled with the annual surge of cards, letters and telephones calls in response to the notices. As in every other year, the entire office will be occupied with reviewing and answering the appeals of the taxpayers while continuing the day-to-day duties within each division.

  Our department has a great responsibility and works hard to be fair and accurate. Being the recipients of so much "public input" in the form of appeals and questions places Good Customer Service at the top of our list at all times. "Our people are the best!"

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