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   The Heavy Equipment Division of Public Works is responsible for a variety of different services for the City of Columbus, Georgia. We manage the Street Sweepers that clean all the city streets and bridges throughout the city. We oversee the operation of the fuel pumps and wash rack on Schatulga Road.

David Pate -
Heavy Equipment Division Manager   

We provide fuel to the sanitary and inert landfills, as well as to Bull Creek, Oxbow Meadows Golf Courses, all heavy equipment, emergency vehicles, and emergency generators throughout the city of Columbus.

We provide the re-grading of ditches, removal of silt from ditches, silt ponds, retention ponds, and the laying of large pipes.

We perform maintenance on designated private unpaved roads for use by emergency vehicles, postal vehicles, and school buses.

We're responsible for the excavating and grading of all new and special projects within the city.

We perform maintenance on the shoulders of all city and state roads. We provide equipment to load material for all departments of the city from the dirt stockpile.

We support emergency management on fires, hazardous spills, storms, and demolishing buildings on city property.

We support all inert and sanitary landfills with dirt and equipment on covering as needed and for fires in emergencies.

We support the Cemetery Division, Building Maintenance Division, Engineering Department, and all divisions and departments within the city with Special Projects.


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