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Updated at September 22, 2016 2:30 PM

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Midtown Allocation Districts [DRAFT]

Sep.22, 2016

Executive Summary for CCG Midtown East and Midtown West Tax Allocation Districts. The redevelopment area described in this Plan includes nearly 8,500 properties covering roughly 3,250 acres (within individual tax parcels). The significant factors regarding this area are: (a) it contains more than 19.3 million SF of buildings with a total full market value of more than $1.25 billion; (b) the area as a whole includes more than 10% of the Consolidated Government’s total tax digest; (c) despite the fact that the redevelopment area is one of the most densely developed parts of Columbus, property values are relatively low ... read more

Long Rang Transportation Plan Amended

July 19, 2014

A Resolution to Amend the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LTPR) for major projects, with funding, are presented. click here.

Addition of Financial Plan to LRTP

May 25, 2016

Addition to Chapter VII to demonstrate fiscal constraint for all funded projects thereby demonstrating the Long Range Transportation Plan reflects realistic assumptions about future revenues compared to project costs for all projects funded in the plan.  Chapter VII - Complete LRTP

River Road Overlay District Ordinance

May 2, 2016

   Final Draft Sec.2.5.23 of the River Road Overlay District Ordinance shall apply to all properties lying within the River Road Corridor, as shown on the official zoning map and the overlay district map. Single-family residential homes are excluded from this ordinance. No clearing or other disturbance of land shall occur, and no building, structure or use shall be established, except in compliance with the provisions of this Ordinance and the UDO.

River Road Overlay District Ordinance [Final Draft]

River Road Buffer Map
River Road Buffer Map
Columbus-Phenix City MPO Releases UPWP Draft

March 25, 2016

   As the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Columbus-Phenix City Metropolitan Area, Columbus-Phenix City Transportation Study (C-PCTS) is the lead agency responsible for administering and coordinating the activities of participants carrying out the required tasks of the transportation planning process. Participants in the transportation planning process include the C-PCTS, the Policy Coordinating Committee (PCC), the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC), public transit operators including METRA and PEX, counties, local officials, private citizens, and the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S.DOT).

Amendment to TIP and LRTP

March 25, 2016

   Resolution to Amend the Columbus section of the FY'15-'18 TIP and 2040 LRTP to include projects on Miller Road, Kendall Creek, Weracoba Creek and Flatrok Creek.

Read the Amendment
TAD District formation before council

November 17, 2015

   The River District Redevelopment Plan, presents the rationale, boundaries, fiscal data and proposed projects that could result from the formation of the City of Columbus, Tax Allocation District #1: 6th Avenue/Liberty District, Tax Allocation District #2: Uptown and Tax Allocation District #3: 2nd Avenue/City Village. These three Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) are located within the larger redevelopment area and are complementary components of a comprehensive revitalization effort for Columbus' River District.

TAD District Information
TAD River District -  TAD Ft.Benning Tech.Park
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