The Computer Center
24 x 7 x 365

   Operations has a staff of nine employees and provides mainframe services year round in addition to data entry and control services.  There is a Computer Operator on duty in the Computer Room around the clock.  The Operations Manager is on call via a paging device to troubleshoot hardware and PC problems after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends.

   The IBM OS/390 Mainframe computer processes around 100 million transactions per year.  Data Control processes 178 payrolls per year. The Information Technology Help Desk logs over four thousand problems per year.  Operations supports over 1,000 terminal connections to our mainframe and our operators load over 66 thousand production jobs per year.


   Server Rack Console

System Console


  • IBM 2105, OS/390 Mainframe Computer
    • 26 MIPS
    • 500mb RAM
    • IBM "Shark" Storage Server
    • 840gb storage
      (420gb - Mainframe & 420gb - Open Systems)
    • 16 channels (8 parallel and 8 ESCON)
  • IBM 3590 Cartridge Tape Drives, *4
  • IBM 3174 Control Units, *1
    • Fiber connections
    • Network connections
  • IBM 3745-170 Communications Controller
  • IBM NetFinity 5500 & 5600 Rack Mount Servers,*12
    • NT, NOS
    • 500mb RAM/36gb RAID5 storage
  • IBM 8274 Enterprise Switch
  • CISCO 2900 Enterprise Switches
  • Multiple servers providing NT and InterNetWare Networks
  • DIGI RAS 16 port modem bank over T1
  • IBM 8235 Dialin 8 port modem bank
  • IBM Firewall
  • T1 Internet Access


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