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The Columbus Office of Homeland Security understands that the citizens living and working within our region are very aware of the many disasters that have occurred throughout our nation over the past several years. Each incident, whether it was the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the power outages of last summer along the East Coast, Hurricane Katrina, or our current battle with the South Georgia wildfires, has impacted how we view the role of each citizen within their respective community.

The mission of the Columbus Office of Homeland Security is to prevent or deter any act of terrorism within Columbus and Muscogee County and surrounding area. We are also focused on preparing our community to deal with natural disasters and manmade disasters. Our goal is to provide resources and training to public safety, businesses and non-profits in our community. This partnership will better prepare us to prevent, respond to and recover from any act that may threaten the freedoms and comforts we enjoy.

Please familiarize yourself with our website and use the information you obtain here to prepare yourself and your family. The Columbus Office of Homeland Security also reminds you to stay vigilant to your surroundings and contact your local law enforcement agencies to report suspicious persons and suspicious activity.

Lieutenant Brad Hicks
Director, Columbus Office of Homeland Security

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