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Aerial Photos of Muscogee County

New aerial photographs were added to the Property Database in 2007. To view these photographs, click on the above Interactive Maps link and Launch the Free Standard Viewer. Click on the camera icon at the top next to the printer icon.

Top Interactive Maps

More Interactive Maps

Map Pricing

Parcel Map 8.5"x11" (overlays included) - $7

Parcel Map 11"x17" (overlays included) - $7

Tax Map 42"x34" E size
Black & White
(overlays included) - $15

Tax Map 42"x34" E size
(overlays included) - $35

Data on CD Only - $210
Personal Geodatabase format only for tax parcel data

Each additional layer i.e. zoning, land use, topography, streets, etc. (Excludes 2013 Aerial photography) - $200

2004 Aerial Photography
$10/tile approx 200 tiles Data on CD or DVD Only

Full Map Set Adobe® PDF
Includes tax maps with zoning updated quarterly - $210

Each additional layer overlay, Aerial, and Topograhy - $200

Map/Data Customization - $65/hr. 2 hr. minimum

Faxing per page - $2

Shipping & Handling - Included in map fee, regular mail only

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