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  The Office of the Solicitor General is committed to conducting  a thorough, fair, vigorous, and just prosecution of all criminal misdemeanor cases bound over from Recorder's and Municipal courts in Muscogee County.  To achieve this mission we will accurately compile cases in a timely manner, investigate all cases, and vigorously prosecute all valid misdemeanor cases under our jurisdiction.

Suzanne Goddard
Solicitor General

Sentence Guidelines for Misdemeanors

General Misdemeanors are punishable for up to 12 months in jail and/or up to $1,000 fine and/or community service.

High and Aggravated Misdemeanors are punishable for up to 12 months in jail and/or fines up to $5,000 and/or community service.

Some misdemeanor offenses have minimum community service requirements as determined by the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.  Furthermore, a defendant may be placed on supervised probation to complete the terms of his/her sentence.

Rules of Court

The Office of the Solicitor General is goverened by the following entities and treaties:

Victim Witness

  The Victim Witness program has been in existence since 1997 and has served several thousand crime victims. They investigate both domestic and non-domestic cases that involve personal injury and/or property damage. These offenses include: Battery, Sexual Battery, Simple Battery, Simple Assault, Stalking, Harassing Phone Calls, Criminal Trespass and Reckless Conduct, all of which are misdemeanor crimes. These crimes are often very destructive to families, individuals and our community as a whole. Every day families live in terror, businesses loose money due to employee injuries, school's struggle with behavior problems that result from violence in the home and property damage increases. In cases involving domestic violence, issues of safety and survival are compounded due to the relationship of those involved.

  It is our job to afford these victims a voice in the judicial process and keep them informed of their rights.  We are passionately committed to victims' rights and have made several strides towards improving these rights in our community. We are co-founders of the Domestic Violence Roundtable (DVR), a local nonprofit agency that brings a coordinated community response to the crisis of domestic violence, we drafted the proposal that enabled each law enforcement officer in our community the use of a camera at crime scenes, we conduct trainings for law enforcement and community organizations and we are currently working on a Hispanic Victim/Witness pamphlet for this underserved population in our community.


If you or someone you know is being abused and it is not safe at home or in the relationship, there is help! You are not alone and it is not your fault!

In Georgia Call: 1-800-33HAVEN

In Alabama Call: 1-800-650-6522


Domestic violence is when one person tries to control another through physical, emotional, sexual or economic means.  It is about power and control. A batterer can be your husband, your life partner, or someone with whom you Are intimately involved or dating. Domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of race, culture, income level, age or sexual orientation.   It is not your fault!

The Domestic Violence Roundtable (DVR) provides leadership to the Columbus community to better respond to the problems of domestic violence. The DVR is committed to ensu A Safety plan is a plan, short-or-long-term to help you seek safety. You may not bering that domestic violence victims have useful information available to them about the services available to provide support and assistance.

What is a Safety Plan?
  A Safety plan is a plan, short-or-long-term to help you seek safety. You may not be ready to make decisions about changes in your life now, but you can be better prepared when you become ready to do so in the future.

Safety Plan for Women in Danger:  Have the following items hidden in a place where your partner cannot find them and where you can reach them easily.

  • $50 or more in cash
  • A small bag with extra clothing for you and your children
  • Important Papers including:
    • Bank account numbers
    • Check book
    • Your Social Security Number
    • His date of birth and Social Security number
    • The address and phone numbers to his place of work
    • Insurance policies
    • Important phone numbers
    • Sentimental valuables and photos
    • Medication/prescriptions for yourself and children
    • Extra keys to house & car
Do not tell him where you are going!

Domestic Violence is a Crime...

If you or someone you know is being abused and it is not safe at home or in the relationship, there is help!

 Domestic Violence Roundtable          Georgia- (800)334-2836  


 Immediate Danger 911  
 Columbus Alliance for Battered Women (706)324-3850  
 Russell Co. Crisis Center (334)297-4401  
 Columbus Police Department (706)653-3000  
 Sheriff's Department (706)653-4225  
 Columbus Rape Crisis (706)571-6010  
 RAINN-Rape Abuse & Incest Natl. Ntwk. (800)656-4673  
 Department of Family and Children Services (706)649-7311  
 Solicitor General's Office (706)653-4327  
 District Attorney's Office (706)653-4336  
 Georgia Legal Services (706)649-7493  
   or   (800)533-3140  
 Pastoral Institute (706)649-6500  
 The Family Center (706)327-3238  
 Children's Tree House (706)327-9612  
 CASA (706)323-3687  
 State Board of Pardons and Paroles (706)649-1105  
 Metropolitan Columbus Task Force for the Homeless (800)341-9371  
 Fort Benning Family Advocacy (706)545-7517  
 Fort Benning Military Police (706)545-5222  
 CONTACT (24 hour Helpline) 211  


You Are Not Alone!

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