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CDBG Surplus Property List*

*All CDBG Property must be Minimum Bid at the Fair Market Value




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Real Estate




Manage, market, acquire and dispose of property.  Assist other Government and non-government entities and citizens with real estate activities.  Conduct and oversee demolition projects of city owned structures no longer needed to conduct business.




Provide comprehensive real estate management and services in a professional and cost effective manner for the benefit of the citizens of Muscogee County while installing a sense of employee pride and dedication.


Alley Abandonment Procedures


A written request for alley/portion of the alley to be abandoned received from citizen.  Citizen needs to state what he or she will be using this alley/portion of alley for in case of possible conflict with the city or other property owners.

Send to:
  Amy Carbajal
  Community Reinvestment
  420 10th Street
  Columbus, Georgia 31901


The citizen is responsible for obtaining written confirmation from all public utilities, i.e., Georgia Power, Bell South, Columbus Water Works, United Cities Gas, and existing cable company for that area.  The written confirmation should state they have no present or future use for the alley/portion of alley to be abandoned.  If an active utility is found to be in the alley, there will be no abandonment.  Each case (even if the lots are side by side, if there is a different owner involved and/or it is at a later date, say three months, three years, etc.) has to have current letter from utilities agreeing to the abandonment.


No alley or portion of alley can be abandoned if it will cause another lot to be land locked. The citizen requesting abandonment, can only receive one-half of the alley portion behind his lot abandonment, i.e., 15-foot alley, 7.5 feet of the abandoned portion can be received.  If the citizen wants to abandon the whole alley, written confirmation from all legal adjacent property owners (staff will verify through the Oasis System to be sure they are property owners and not renters) must be obtained stating they do not want the portion of alley behind their lot and have no problem with it being abandoned to another property owner.


A non-refundable $50.00 fee must accompany any alley abandonment request as per Ordinance # 06-101.

5. Normal time frame for completion of the abandonment is 4 to 6 weeks.

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