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Home Program

Our Goal: To provide access to fit and affordable housing for all of  Columbus, Georgia citizens and to ensure decent, safe, sanitary housing for Low/Moderate Income residents.

Program Profile: Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME): funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

  • Provide HOME funding to address housing needs through homeowner assistance.
  • Provide mortgage companies and banks informational seminars to address certification issues and the process of applying for loans through the Down-payment Assistance Program plus explaining policies and procedures.

Provide contractors informational seminars to address how to do business with the City under the HUD Homeowner Rehabilitation Program.

 Project Care Program 

The Project Care Program is an emergency grants assistance program designed to assist the elderly (62 or over) or disabled individuals with minor emergency repairs to their home.  This is a one-time assistance.  If you have previously received assistance through one of the other grant programs through the City of Columbus, you are not eligible for any additional assistance

Other requirements for eligibility are:
The property to be rehabilitated must be legally owned and occupied by the person requesting assistance and it must be a single-family residential structure.

The property must be in need of repairs in order to eliminate health or safety hazards, and/or require modifications to meet the needs of persons with disabilities. The property must require a minimum of $200 of repairs or alterations and cannot exceed $5,000.

The adjusted annual income of the family must be considered low income as established by The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

For further information please contact the Department of Community Reinvestment at 653-4613.

 Homeowner Rehabilitation 

The intent of the Homeowner Rehabilitation Program is to bring single-family owner-occupied homes up to meet housing code standards for low/moderate income families.

If you are interested in the program you must complete an application at the time applications are issued. Applications are processed in the order that they are received.

Other requirements for eligibility that must be submitted with application:
A copy of the deed to the property (showing legal ownership)

Proof of income for everyone living in the household

Proof of current homeowners insurance

Proof that property taxes are paid and current.

Homeowner rehabilitation assistance is available to single-family owner occupied homes.  The maximum amount of assistance is $30,000 and depending on the total family income maybe a deferred loan (grant) or a repayable 1%, 3%, or 5% Loan over a twenty year period.

Deferred Loan (Grant):  This type of assistance need not be repaid as long as the recipient remains the owner and occupant of the property for 10 years after the loan.  If these conditions are met the loan will be forgiven at a rate of 10% annually and deed released after the 10-year period.  However, if the recipient moves out or sells the property within the ten-year period, then the entire balance remaining must be repaid.

For further information you may contact the Department of Community Reinvestment at (706) 653-4613.

 Homebuyer Program 

The intent of the Homebuyer Assistance Program is to make homeownership affordable for low/moderate income families.

If you are interested in the program and meet the income limits you will need to attend an 8-hour HUD approved Housing Counseling Seminar with the NeighborWorks Columbus (706-324-4663) or Consumer Credit Counseling of West Georgia and East Alabama (706-327-0260) and obtain a Certificate of Completion.

Afterwards you will need to contact a pre-certified lending institution (current listing below) to be pre-qualified for your mortgage.  The lending institution will then take over the process of your loan being approved and prepare the necessary documentation for our office. The assistance cannot be used for any Adjustable Rate Mortgages or Balloon Mortgages.

Homebuyer assistance is provided in the form of a $5,000 deferred loan. The entire amount must go toward the down payment of the home.  The purchaser is not allowed to receive any portion of these funds as cash back at closing.  The seller or purchaser is responsible for the closing costs.  The closing costs cannot be taken from the $5,000 however, $1,000 of the assistance maybe used to pay prepaid fees (taxes and insurance).

Down-Payment Assistance Partner Program Loan
The Down-Payment Assistance Partner Program is designed to assist low-income person or families with the purchase of their own homes. The Program, in conjunction with the Consolidated Government of Columbus Georgia's Consolidated Plan and Strategy, will target areas of need within the community to stimulate both existing property sales and new construction, while increasing the level of affordable housing

One must be a low income family or individual. Low income means the individual or family must have a gross income that does not exceed 80% of the median income for the area, as determined by HUD, with adjustments for smaller or larger families. Gross annual income is defined as all income anticipated to be received from all sources by each family member residing in the home in the next twelve months. The income limits are established by HUD for the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and are adjusted annually. The most recent published income limits will be observed.

Assistance will be provided in the form of a zero interest rate loan until the time of sale, and/or transfer of the property. The loan will be issued on an as needed basis up to $10,000 for the Down-Payment Assistance Partner Program. Maximum loan amount is $1,000 for pre-paids (taxes and insurance) plus 5% of the sales price. Funds cannot be used for closing cost.

The Down-Payment Assistance Partner Program is a loan. The balance is due and repayable if the property is sold, transfer of title or foreclosure. The Down-Payment Assistance Partner Program loan will be deed secured.

Home Investment Partnerships Program

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